Best 10 Person Tent

What Is The Best 10 Person Tent?

A 10 person tent can be a good investment if you have a big family, or find yourself needing to organize a big group outing. For camping ideas, tent glamping is all the rage these days, and it starts with having big tents with lots of space.  This page should help you narrow down your choices to just a few of the best 10 person tents on the market.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

This Coleman 10 person tent is a big tent. It is like bringing your own cozy cabin with you wherever you go. It has space for 3 queen size air mattresses and a room divider for privacy.

Color coded poles takes setup time down to about about 20 minutes. Love the auto screen door which allows you to walk in and out without the all too familiar zip down / zip up sequence that has been a staple of tent design for decades.

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UNP Camping 10 Person Family Tent

UNP has a solid offering and worth considering as the best 10 person tent for your situation.

They differentiate themselves in this category by focusing on ease of setup, which is roughly half the time it takes to setup the Coleman.

It is waterproof, weatherproof, and comes with a privacy curtain. By hanging the privacy curtain from the ceiling, the tent essentially turns into a bungalow, with a separate entrance on each side.

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The best 10 person tent will of course depend on your individual needs. Hopefully the links on this page will help you make a decision on what will work best for you and your situation.