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What Is A 4 Season Tent?

4 season tents that are also good winter tents have a balance between weight & ruggedness to be suitable for all seasons. The all season tents below offer you a good combination of features to make them suitable for spring, summer, winter and fall.

4 Person - CampPal Tent for 4 Seasons - Windproof - Waterproof

The CampPal 4 season tent works well in cold rainy weather. It is easy for one person to assemble, and offers a porch covered area good for kids to play in while it is raining. This may be the best all season tent for a family of 4.

5-6 Person - Vidalido 4 Season Tent Waterproof/Windproof

If you are looking for a bit more room and a style that will set you apart, the Vidalido may be the best 4 season tent for you.

3 Person - Best 4 Season Double Layer Dome Tent by Moko

Suitable for spring, summer, fall, and snowy winters, the Moko 4 season tent is well worth a look. It is rated as a 3 person tent, but of course can also be considered as a roomy 2 person tent. It comes with an installation video that enables one person to quickly assemble and disassemble it. 

The best 4 season tent that also works well as a winter tent depends on your specific needs and the number of people it needs to accommodate. If you are more inclined to use it as a winter tent, you may want to go with the most rugged version you can find. Hopefully the links on this page will help you decide on the best all season tent for you.