What Is A Waterproof Tent?

The most basic function of an outdoor tent is that it be waterproof. However, you may be surprised to learn many tent manufacturers do not guarantee their outdoor tents are completely waterproof.

A waterproof tent, as the name implies, is designed to keep you dry all night long in even the most severe rainstorms. As with all things, there may be limits to their effectiveness. If the radio says a cat 5 hurricane is on the way, best evacuate to drier ground!

Having said that, the waterproof tents listed below are notable for their extra attention to waterproofing. When it comes to choosing the best tent for heavy rain, these selections are well worth considering.

MOON LENCE Lightweight Waterproof Tent with Easy Setup

The MOON LENCE lightweight tent with carry bag is easy to carry and setup, while still being a top contender for best water proof tent. It is quite spacious for a 2 person tent, making it possible to cram in a third person in a pinch.

It uses 190T PU material which means better water resistance as well as superior UV protection. This Moon Lence is a double layer tent to keep out high winds and rain.

Use the Buy Now button below to learn more about this waterproof tent:

Need more room? MOON LENCE Pop Up Waterproof tent

This MOON LENCE pop up waterproof tent is rated as a 4 person tent, but can fit up to 5 if needed. With 5 guy ropes it is also very resistant to wind in addition to being waterproof.

It has a pop up mechanism that allows you to setup the inner tent very quickly, should take less than a minute. You just need to lift the top of the tent then click the bottom joints into place.

It fits in a compact carry bag, and weighs just 4.65 kg (10.25 lbs). Use the Buy Now button below to learn more:

The best waterproof tent will of course depend on your needs and the number of people it needs to accommodate. Hopefully the links on this page will help you make a decision on what works best for you.

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