Jon Boats, such as the Pelican Intruder 12, are extremely versatile boats. Jon fishing boats are popular not just in America but all over the world because they are a value-for-money purchase and can be used to navigate shallow waters. They are relatively inexpensive to run, can be used with a motor or paddled manually.

With so many brands and models to pick from, you need to have an idea of what you want from the Jon boat. The 12-foot Pelican Jon boat available at Gardenpondsupply handles extremely well by beginners and is favored by experienced boaters who want to explore lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries.

Consider the following points when considering the purchase of a Jon boat.

Jon boats are flat-bottomed boats and hence comfortable. Compare models on the size of the boat, the type of seating, and the comfort offered. You can always read reviews online on boating forums. Is the boat stable enough for you to stand while its moving?

Are you looking for a Jon boat that you can haul by yourself? One of the attractions of these shallow draft boats is that they are light and easy to haul. Most such boats are in the United States are made from lightweight aluminum, while some may be constructed from fiberglass. Both materials have their pros and cons. Look these up before settling on a Jon boat that fits your needs and budget. Aluminum, for example, is not particularly well-suited for shoreline fishing because salt corrodes the material. Consider fiberglass or use powder coated aluminum. Similarly, welded joints usually last longer than rivets that tend to corrode.

How many people will be using the boat? That’ll determine the right-sized Jon boat for you. You don’t want to pay more for a large Jon boat if you’re going to use it alone or at the most with a friend. The size of the boat also matters with respect to the type of activity you intend to pursue – fowl hunting, angling, or bowfishing. A 12-foot boat can seat a party of three comfortably. What kind of seating are you looking at – pedestal, padded, or low back?

The weight that a Jon boat carries includes the weight of the passengers and the gear. So, if you plan on drifting in a tent on a Jon boat with your mates, then you need a larger boat with enough leg room.

Remember though, a larger Jon boat may require a few more inches of depth and may not be able to navigate narrow bends. On the positive side, larger boats are more stable in rough waters. Inland waters and shallow waters too can get choppy, and then the Jon boats require skilled navigation, especially by novice boaters.

Choosing the right Jon boat for your need is not a difficult task, because even though the make and model may differ, the basic design of the Jon boat does not change much. You may want to compare models for the customizations they offer, in terms of handrails, fishing rod holders, seating, safety, etc.