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Making sure your RV sleeping area is as comfortable as it can be is important when you’re traveling. After a long day of activities or being on the road, a cozy sleeping set up can get you rested for the next day of adventures. Similar to sleeping at home, there are many ways to improve your sleeping space that can contribute to a good night’s sleep. Below will discuss a few ways you can improve your RV sleeping area while out on the road. 

Upgrading Your Mattress

You may not be getting the best sleep you can because of your mattress. The mattress that typically comes in your RV might be very thin and just generally uncomfortable. Upgrading your mattress to brand like Sleep Dog Mattress can definitely impact how well you are able to sleep while on the road. A good night’s sleep is essential so you have the energy for your next day’s activities such as hiking, swimming, or whatever they may be!

Blocking Out Light From Outside

You may not always be able to park your RV in the most ideal place. Blocking out light plays a crucial part in your sleep cycle as it can impact when your body thinks it’s morning or night. If you park somewhere with a lot of street lights, your body may just not want to sleep because it thinks it’s daytime. Investing in blackout curtains or a sleeping mask can block out the unwanted light that may impact your ability to fall asleep.

Sleeping In A Comfortable Temperature

Opinions on the ideal sleeping temperature can vary. It is important to keep your RV at a temperature that is comfortable for you so you are able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. It is important to also consider the temperature outside your RV and how that may affect the temperature inside. If you are parked somewhere that is generally warmer, yet you like sleeping in cooler temperatures, setting your RV to a few degrees below a comfortable temperature is ideal to even out the difference.

Having A Comfortable Sleeping Area

Even if you have a mattress you are happy with, uncomfortable sheets and pillows can definitely keep you from falling asleep. Investing in new sheets and pillows that are soft and warm can help contribute to a well rested sleep. Having cozy pillows especially is also important as your head and neck may become strained from sleeping on a pillow that is too hard. This can impact whatever activities you may have planned and keep you from having an enjoyable time.

Having White Noise

Noise throughout the night can be a challenge for many people. When sleeping in an RV, you might not always be in full control of the outside noise. There may be people talking, other cars going by, or animals making sounds. Investing in something that makes white noise such as a fan or a white noise machine can be beneficial for blocking out the unwanted sounds. If you’re someone who prefers no sound at all, earplugs or headphones may help. This can prevent all noise in general. Sleeping in an area with no unwanted noise can lead to a longer and deeper sleep, leaving you well rested for the next day.

Managing the Air Flow Throughout Your RV

In a space with limited windows, it is crucial to control the air flow. If the air flow throughout your RV isn’t great, it can lead to your sleeping space feeling stuffy. This environment is probably not the best to sleep in and can keep you awake longer than you would like. Making sure your RV ventilation systems are in use is a smart idea to promote air flow. Investing in a fan can also help for extra air flow throughout your RV if you are parked in somewhere that is supper warm and sunny during the day.


Making sure your RV’s sleeping area is comfortable is essential for a well rested sleep. Making sure your bed is cozy with an upgraded mattress, along with warm sheets and a soft pillow can definitely impact how you are able to sleep. Similarly, making sure the space around you such as temperature and air flow are comfortable can contribute to your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Lastly, it is important to consider the outside surroundings of your RV, such as unwanted noise and light that can wake you up or prevent you from even falling asleep. Investing in curtains and a white noise machine can make sure none of these outside factors impact your sleeping schedule.