Thailand leaves a positive impression on any person. Anyone who has ever visited this country will want to return again and again. This is not surprising. In addition to colorful landscapes, there are friendly people and delicious cuisine.

Recently, the purchase of apartments has been in demand. Investing money now, in time, the value of the investment will increase significantly. The most popular area is Pattaya. First of all, investors and ordinary residents from different cities seek apartments for sale in Ko Samui in Thailand. This is a good source of income, as tourists often rent accommodation rather than book rooms.

Let’s take a look at a few popular places:

Thai medicine and education

There are many Russians in Thailand. There are a lot of applications for training. Some classes even form waiting lists. If you move with children, you must wait in line for a long time. But it’s all solvable. You can choose private paid schools, fewer people are studying there, and there are always places. There are no problems with kindergartens. You can register at any time.

Thai medicine at the highest level. The clinics have new equipment and modern technologies. Doctors speak English. Large hospitals have translators for Russian residents.

The procedures here are expensive. It is recommended to take out insurance before arrival. An ordinary Russian tourist policy will do. It is safer, of course, to turn to Thai brokers. They will help you arrange international insurance.

Work for citizens of Russia

If you have experience and knowledge of English, you can try to find a legal job. To do this, a work permit is issued. Experienced employees are in demand everywhere—for example, programmers, engineers, tour operators, and teachers of language schools. By the way, the vacancy in the language school can be found the fastest.

Many citizens run their own businesses. But here, you can not solely own the company. The founders are paid around 50 percent, and the rest belong to the Thais. Therefore, the business must be registered through a trusted company. These percentages will be written off for “dead souls.” With the waiver of any claims against you. The best and most profitable way to engage in tourism.

Riviera Jomtien – luxury residential complex in Pattaya

Riviera Jomtien is a colorful and picturesque project. It is located 350 meters from the beach. From the windows, there is a stunning view of the sea. The building corresponds to the European level. The building has 46 floors and 1049 apartments.

The infrastructure is varied. There are terraced tropical gardens, a large swimming pool, a barbecue area, and six levels of car parking. There is a fitness room with modern equipment—multi-level areas for sunbathing and recreation, as well as a separate children’s area.

Objects are sold with a fine finish. There are electrical equipment and air conditioners: beautiful design and high-quality ceramic sanitary ware. The apartments are located next to the sea. 

Market Review

Thailand is a popular country in Southeast Asia for holidays and property purchases. The amazing beauty of nature, low cost of living, developed infrastructure, and developed economy attract citizens from Russia and other countries.

In 2005-2009, the real estate market experienced a slight decline. This happened in connection with the tsunami, which was in 2004. Due to the change of political regime in 2008, there was a global financial crisis, which led to a decrease in demand for housing.

The economic condition of the country has improved. Already in 2010, the number of transactions increased dramatically. The situation has returned to normal. Popular areas, especially among foreigners, are Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya. Many people buy apartments here. The low price and fast processing facilitate this. 

Residential complex Villas by the Big Bamboo

Villas by the Big Bamboo is a new residential project. Here are the necessary conditions for moving to permanent residence. It is geographically located in Cherng Talay. There are elite buildings and modern infrastructure. This is a private and secure area. Therefore, it is good to come here with the family.

Villas consist of 3 bedrooms and have a private pool. Living area from 382 m2 and more than 550 m2. Spacious and functional layout. The rooms are large and spacious, with high ceilings in a room—beautiful and stylish kitchen design. There is an air conditioning system.

Tropical gardens and lawns surround the area. Skylights for additional natural light. Covered parking for two cars. There is an additional open space for several more cars.

Thailand infrastructure

The tourist infrastructure is technological and modern. There are many hotels of different levels and excellent service. There are international airports. Transport services are well developed. Vacationers can easily move around the country to any point. Rest and life will suit lovers of beaches and the exotic. 

What to consider when choosing a property?

First, you need to pay attention to how the property is owned. There are long-term leases and full ownership. According to the law, 50% of the apartments are issued in full ownership. Such a deal is more expensive but more reliable. Suitable options can be viewed on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate. Here you can get expert advice and assistance with paperwork.