We discuss the pros of buying property in the resort town of the central part of the Costa Blanca in Spain. Torrevieja is a small resort town in the central part of Costa Blanca. If you are ready to move to Spain for permanent residence and are considering buying a property, a villa in Torrevieja is the right option. Nevertheless, you should know that there are pros and cons to apartments prices in Torrevieja and buying property in Torrevieja.


Real estate in Spain, Torrevieja

Real estate in Spain in Torrevieja is offered in a broad spectrum: studios and flats are in the vast majority and are in the most significant market for the purchase and next rental. Foreigners prefer to buy a villa or a house in Torrevieja for temporary and permanent residence. Individual areas characterize this kind of real estate in Torrevieja and urbanizations – for example, the southern part of the city in Los Naúfragos, and Los Balcones. Other real estate proposals in Torrevieja have residential complexes with underground parking, a swimming pool, where Europeans want to purchase property, and numerous new establishments. Find a company that one of the leading real estate developers in Spain, Torrevieja, and other cities of Costa Blanca. Check out the offers on the site, and you will get help to buy property in Spain in Torrevieja, handling maintenance of all the associated chores.


Pros of purchasing property in Torrevieja

Here are the principal advantages:

  1.   Rising property costs. You can be sure that you did not lose by buying an apartment or house in Torrevieja today. In a couple of years, the value of your home will rise. Market experts are sure of this. That is why it is better not to hesitate but to make a purchase right now. In addition, given the rise in prices, in the future, you can profit from the resale of your real estate, which indicates a profitable investment in Spanish real estate.
  2.   Rental income. Since Torrevieja is a popular tourist destination, the demand for housing here is high, especially during the holiday season. Even buying a small studio apartment near the sea can bring a good income. It is these apartments that are most often in demand among vacationers.
  3.   Weather and climate. Here is the most comfortable and warm climate in all of Spain. In summer, the average daytime air temperature is 27-30 degrees, and the night temperature – 23-25 degrees Celsius. Autumn and spring are also quite warm here: for example, in September, there is no sweltering heat, but the sea temperature is still high, on average, about 26 degrees Celsius. Winters are also warm here. During the day, the average temperature is 15-19 degrees Celsius, and at night – 8-10 degrees above zero.
  4.   Reasonable prices for utilities and low property taxes in comparison with other regions of Spain.
  5.   Developing infrastructure. The city is growing and being built up, and new facilities appear, including healthy competition and a high level of service in various areas.
  6.   Foreigners can purchase property with a mortgage.
  7.   Proximity to the sea. In Torrevieja, almost all apartments, houses, and villas are located close to the sea. At least from the windows of the apartments, you can admire the beautiful sea view in almost any case.
  8.   The pink lake of Torrevieja is a salt lake with healing mud. Color saturation depends on the time of year and weather. Previously, tourists came here to improve and prevent musculoskeletal system diseases and joint problems. Residents of the city used salt from the lake to take a healing bath at home, and clay was used for cosmetic procedures. The pink lake of Torrevieja is compared with the Dead Sea for its beneficial properties. Now swimming in the lake is prohibited by law. In case of violation, a fine of up to 3,000 euros is provided. In addition, thanks to its lakes, Torrevieja’s microclimate is considered one of the best in the world for people with asthma and other lung diseases.
  9.   Lack of competition in almost any niche. The city has just begun to develop. We don’t know of a single business area other than real estate with an undeniable leader. This is a great advantage since it is much more difficult to take your place in the market in large cities.


Property in Spain

Torrevieja is a wonderful opportunity for investment and living. If you select your property wisely and know the downsides, owning a property in Spain will give you positive emotions. Begin your Spanish property hunt today! Details on the official website of Spain-Real.Estate.