Outbound tourism, with the growth of the well-being of Russian citizens, is becoming an increasingly popular direction. Buying flats in Antalya is primarily of interest to our fellow citizens who plan to spend more than the prescribed 7-10 days in Turkey during the tourist package. The transaction can be carried out independently with the apartment owner or company (if we are talking about acquiring housing from a developer in Antalya). A good alternative would be the services of an intermediary agency.

What are the advantages of buying a home in Antalya?

Antalya is a 100% resort city. It has a developed infrastructure, an international airport, various restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels of different levels. The climate in Antalya is favorable for recreation, even in winter. In the coldest month of the year – December – the temperature rarely drops below 12°-15° during the day. Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to swim in such weather, but it is perfect to admire the beautiful landscapes and go to museums. Real estate in Antalya is somewhat higher in price than many smaller resorts, but life in this city is in full swing regardless of the season. 

In which part of the city is it better to buy property in Antalya?

Perhaps the best in terms of location, but also the most expensive in terms of real estate in Antalya, is the Konyaalti area. It is located on the coast, near the Tarusa Mountains. The Lara area is some distance from the beach area in the eastern part of the city. Real estate prices there are more affordable than in Konyaalti. The area is characterized by dense construction, which will not be to the taste of those who love space. Kaleici is the historical center of the city. You can buy real estate in Antalya in this area for great money, especially when it comes to houses of past centuries. The main street of Antalya – Ataturk Street (popularly – Ishiklar) is a business district. Apartments and houses in this part are attractive for those who are often in the city for business or corporate needs.

How does property in Antalya differ in price?

You can buy housing in Antalya at a price of €30,000 or more. Apartments in new, newly built neighborhoods rarely cost less than €45,000. An average 2-room apartment with one living room and one bedroom can be purchased for €60-80 thousand. Luxury apartments with a pool cost from €100,000. Villas in the city, located in the zone of 200-1000 meters from the sea, cost €100,000 – €300,000. Buying a house more than a kilometer from the coast will cost €60,000 – €80,000. Housing in Antalya, located away from the center and the beach, is the cheapest.

What to choose: “secondary” or housing from the developer in Antalya?

The year of construction plays an essential role in the choice of housing and pricing. You should not buy secondary housing in Antalya whose age exceeds 20-30 years if we are not discussing architectural monuments intended for restoration. Older buildings may have poor drainage systems prone to frequent breakdowns. Selling real estate in Antalya can turn into a good investment. However, for this, it is necessary to take into account all possible factors. Housing from a developer in Antalya can be bought cheaply if you invest in it before the commissioning of the object.

How much do apartments cost in Antalya?

Demand for apartments in Antalya is very high and will not decline. There are several reasons for this:

In such circumstances, how not to want to buy an inexpensive apartment in Antalya?

Most often, real estate transactions are concluded in the fall, summer is more conducive to relaxing on the beach than to inspecting apartments. And in the fall, really interested buyers begin to take concrete steps to fulfill their dream of a house by the sea. For those who have decided to buy real estate in Antalya, the good news is that the minimum price for apartments under construction in the city is only 35 thousand euros. Isn’t this a fairy tale?! Approximately the same prices can be found in the secondary housing market. If you have a small budget and want to buy a solid apartment, contact a real estate agency, where you will find excellent options for your wallet!

Cheap apartments in Konyaalti

Wonderful inexpensive apartments can be found in Antalya in the Konyaalti district, located in the western part of the city. Unlike the Lara district, which stands on a steep coast, Konyaalti is close to the beach, which is very popular among Russians. Even the magnificent views from the windows of apartments in Lara do not attract our compatriots as much as the proximity to the sea in Konyaalti. In addition, apartments in Lara are more expensive. It is interesting that the buyers of cheap apartments are ready to sacrifice square meters if only the beach is not far away.

The real cost of apartments

Many factors influence how much an apartment will cost. For example, if the complex has a pool, apartments will be 25% more expensive than in a complex without a pool if a wonderful view opens from the window, another 7-10% extra charge, and this even though the view is not even of the sea. As a rule, you can view the water surface by buying an apartment on the upper floors, which already costs a lot of money.

Property in Turkey

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