It’s summertime, which means the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer! But while you’re camping and exploring in the great outdoors, don’t forget about your skincare routine. Here are a few tips for keeping your skin looking its best while you’re roughing it in the wild.

For anyone who loves the outdoors, there are only 2 rules for camping skin care: minimalistic packing and leave trash behind.

One: camping skin care should not burden your backpack.

And two: adepts of camping and hiking practice respect for the environment. Responsible campers leave nature behind in its primal state. The National Park Service has issued rules that require campers to hide smelly items in airtight containers and hang them 10 feet above the ground to avoid attracting animals.

Wild animals, bears in particular, have an extremely developed sense of smell. Therefore, all cosmetics should be fragrance-free or securely hidden in containers. This is especially true of toothpaste, bug spray, lip balm, soap, etc.

Camping Skincare Essentials

When you’re spending time outdoors, there’s no point in worrying about classic skincare basics. It’s always better to opt for a simplified routine instead of using your normal arsenal of beauty products. The goal of a hiking skin care routine is 100% sun protection, effective cleansing of dirt, sweat, grease and cosmetics – that’s it. Simplified skin care should keep your skin safe, balanced, moisturized. Plus, you won’t want to carry dozens of products in your bag, making it heavier than it already is. After all,  for outdoor adventures you should always prioritize a sleeping bag, first aid kit, warm clothes, utensils, gear and food.

So how can  you combine compactness with the usual needs of a self-care routine? Our checklist of hiking cosmetics will help make up your mind:

How to take care of your skin while camping

For many girls, a great outdoor camping trip is associated with taking a break from everyday life and the usual beauty rituals. But there are also those who don’t give up light travel makeup and require a more thorough cleansing.This is especially the case with people who have acne-prone skin.

When we are going on vacation in the fresh air, we are also aware of all the risks to our skin: pigmentation, wrinkles, small scars, insect bites, the appearance of acne. No need to worry; all problems can be solved.

It’s important to make an appointment for cosmetic facial procedures before and after the camping and to get individual recommendations by a specialist to understand what problems can be fixed by self-treatment, what problems can be treated by medicine, what can be postponed until you get to civilization, and what activities should be forgotten about.

Let’s talk about how to reduce risks and provide cleansing in hiking conditions – the most urgent skin care procedure?

Skin care tips

Washing your face is the basics of beauty. In hot weather, we recommend constructing a shower made of big plastic bottles. Punch holes in the bottle, fill with water and try to wash away sweat and impurities under a small stream of clean water.

Care tips if you use outdoor makeup. Minimalist makeup is usually based on mineral powder, a thin layer of mascara, and lip balm. And most importantly, a layer of sanscreen. In this case, cleansing the skin in the morning and evening is mandatory:

  1. Wet wipes are not the best solution, as they can dry out the skin. It is better to wipe your skin with a clean, damp towel, then with micellar water. Eye makeup remover should be hypoallergenic and previously tested. Do not choose waterproof mascara, to avoid creating unnecessary problems.
  2. For problematic skin, it is relevant to tone the skin with an antibacterial toner to clean the pores deeper after the initial cleansing.
  3. Moisturizing clean skin with your favorite cream or gel at night will help maintain health and balance. You can use mini versions of travel cosmetics. Or just pour a small amount into contact lens containers.

Сamping hygiene

It’s important to create a convenient daily routine and personal hygiene which you can easily follow. Here are some tips::

Staying clean and dry is vital. For other things adventurers need to worry about, read on.

Сamping safety tips

Hiking safety is based on sound planning. Think in advance about what level of comfort is right for you, what the weather forecast is for the selected dates. It is also important to choose the right food and  pack it so that it doesn’t spoil.

The following hazards that can be expected in the outdoors:

Read the recommendations for safe hiking in this article. Make your trip an interesting experience.