Wondering what makes the best base layer for a hunting trip?

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Hunting is an exciting sport that can be thrilling for everyone involved. If you are a natural-born hunter, you already have a lifetime filled with outdoor adventures to draw on for experience. If you are new to the hunting game, then you need all the help and advice that you can get. Asking the old-timers is one thing, but the internet is the best place to learn everything you need to know about making successful hunting trips. When it comes to dressing for the occasion, there’s no better base layer than Merino Wool – and we can prove it. Here’s how.

Ten Reasons Merino Wool is The Best for Hunting Base Layers

There are many reasons that experienced hunters choose Merino Wool for their base layers. Here are some of our favorites.

1 – It’s Moisture Wicking

First of all, we are all sick of cotton tee-shirts beside our skin. Why? They make you sweaty. Nobody wants the unpleasant feeling of cold, dampness against their skin. Merino Wool can store up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. It does wonders for the sheep, and it could work wonders for you, too.

2 – It’s highly durable

You can drag merino wool through a forest of thorns and it won’t tear or snag. The reason behind this comes from the extra kinks and twists in the fibers of the wool. It’s almost curly it is so twisted up. These twists cause the wool to kink back and stick to itself. Even if you tear or snag it, the fibers of the wool will work themselves into the hole.

3 – It’s super soft

Merino Wool feels like the underside of a dog’s ears. It’s as soft as it is possible for a fabric to be without it being delicate and frivolous. Next to your skin, it feels far better than the roughness of denim or the coarseness of a cotton tee.

4 – It’s odor resistant

You may have heard of this one before, but merino wool is odor resistant. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t’ get smelly, it just takes a lot longer for the smell to stick than it would on normal fabric. You can wear your merino wool base layer for about 3-4 days before the stink starts to irritate you.

5 – It’s Antimicrobial

Merino Wool contains lanolin, which is the oil sheep produce in their wool that keeps the bacteria away. If sheep’s wool had a smell, it would be of lanolin. If your merino has a smell, it’s the lanolin.

6 – It’s warm

Merino wool comes in differing thicknesses. It can be soft and warm against your skin if you buy a thick enough base layer. Think about increasing thickness during the winter months and easing off again in the summer ones.

7 – It’s cooling

Just as it can be warming, merino wool can be cooling, too. Wear it in the summer months in thinner layers to help regulate your body heat and stay as cool as a cucumber.

8 – It’s elastic

Merino wool has a beautiful stretch to it. It’s not that elasticated stretch either, it’s the natural give of woolen fibers that allows it.

9 – It’s Long-Lasting

Since you can put weight on and the material will grow with you, and since it doesn’t tear or snag, merino wool is a long-lasting material that many hunters only ever need to buy one time in their lives.

10 – It’s breathable

Lastly, you can feel light and airy when you are wearing merino wool. It’s a nice, breathable fabric that lets the air in and the sweat out. Absolutely perfect as a base layer for a hunting trip.