Hiking is an activity that is easily draining your energy. You can spend a long time on different trails and it is important to be prepared, especially with food and drinks. You want to ensure that your party has plenty to keep them fueled and going. Here are some hiking snacks that will keep your energy levels up.


When you are talking about hiking and snacks, you want to always consider getting food that you can bring with you anywhere. Nuts are a great source of protein and can be packed easily in your backpack or even in your pockets with any small bags or containers. There are a wide variety of different nuts to consider, from almonds, and cashews, to your basic peanuts. Of course, it is easiest to not have to deal with shells, but that is up to you as a hiker. 


If you are looking for snacks that provide great amounts of energy, fruits are the perfect food to bring on any hiking trail. There are so many different fruits to bring, and it is mostly up to you on your preference. In terms of energy, fruits are loaded with plenty of natural sugar that will provide you the energy boost you need. Many fruits contain a significant amount of water, and in addition to keeping your hunger at bay, are great at keeping you hydrated, which is critical during any long trails. Another added bonus of bringing fruits on your wilderness adventures is that they don’t really need to be stored in any sort of container, so you won’t need to worry about plastic waste. You can easily eat the skin of fruits like apples and pears, giving them a wash before you consume them, and then safely tossing out the leftover core in a proper wastebasket. Be mindful of how you pack your fruit, however, as you don’t want to forget about a banana you have left at the bottom of your backpack to get beat up and mushed.

Meat Sticks And Jerky

Snacks come in a variety of different tastes and flavors. Fruits and nuts are great but sometimes you want something a little more hearty and savory. You might want something along the lines of a steak, burger, or hotdog, but while you are on your hiking trail, you don’t always have the means to cook such foods, or even have space in your pack if you want to travel lightly. Jerky is a great food option for travelers on the move. The flavor connoisseurs at ManlyManCo.com understand your craving for something more than hiking basics. Jerky is loaded with a ton of flavor and a couple of slices or sticks of meat can easily fill you up, getting you ready for the next leg of the expedition or trail ahead of you. These can be stored in your pack, not needing to be refrigerated for a long time, and still have plenty of taste.

Snack Bars

For those that are looking for options that provide different nutrients, snack bars combine the taste and flavor of different fruits and nuts, in addition to the fiber of oats to give you a snack that can help you when you need something quick to stop your stomach from growling. You can buy them in a wide assortment of flavors, suited to your specific tastes, but keep in mind that you can also make these bars yourself before you go on any hike. You can make them as big or as compact as you like, making them suitable for kids on your trip, or larger appetites and mouths that need to be fed. If you want some added protein, consider making them with peanut butter as well. In addition, you can also add your favorite yogurt along with nuts and fruits of your choice, making these an easy small meal to go.


Trail Mix

Speaking of things that you can make for your hike, consider creating your own trail mix that incorporates your favorite different snacks into one. Trail mix is great because you can mix a bunch of your favorite different flavors, and gain all the benefits and nutrients with a quick scoop or handful on your hike. A lot of popular mixes will include granola, dried fruits, nuts, and for some added sweetness, some candy into the mix. You can personalize your mix to your liking along with the rest of your party.


Whether you are stopping for a meal to help everyone get their strength or energy back, or simply taking a quick snack break before you continue your hike, it is always important to stay properly hydrated as well as fed. This ensures that you not only have enough energy to finish your trail but also prevents any health risks like low sugar levels that could lead to your fainting. Always be prepared with some food and drinks no matter how short your hike is expected to be.