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Thumb Butte (Climbing)

Seasonal Closure: Thumb Butte is closed to climbing from February 1 to July 15 yearly to protect nesting sites for peregrine falcons.  Thank you for your cooperation in allowing the peregines to be undisturbed during the courtship and breeding season.

Slight Changes to Closure Area Starts in 2015

The closed area for Thumb Butte has been slightly modified to provide more effective resource protection while at the same time making some recreation opportunities available. On the south end, the area was extended to better include suitable peregrine habitat on the south end of the butte. On the north end, along the Thumb Butte Road, the area was pulled back away from the road to leave the popular boulders available for folks to climb on and enjoy.

Closure Area Map (153 KB PDF)



Thumb Butte Brochure (2.67 MB)

Printable Thumb Butte Trails and Area Map (1.41 MB)

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