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1. Subscriber – ProHealth Physicians

Subscriber. The person who pays for health insurance premiums or whose employment is the basis for membership in the insurance plan. For example, if you … Subscriber – ProHealth Physicians >>


2. Understanding Your Health Insurance ID Card | The Daily …

Mar 22, 2018 — What’s in your insurance plan member ID card? This is the name of your insurance company and one or more ways to reach them, like their website and phone The subscriber is always 00 and typically the spouse is 01…. Understanding Your Health Insurance ID >>

Subscriber: This term may be used in two senses: First, it may refer to the person or organization that pays for health insurance premiums; Secondivy, it … Health Insurance Glossary – Health Insurance Definitions and …

3. Home > Help > Basic Insurance Terminology

Subscriber: The person responsible for payment of premiums, or whose employment is the basis for eligibility for membership in an HMO or other health insurance … Home > Help > Basic >>

Providers and pharmacies should use this number for filing claims to the plan. The face of your ID card will list: Subscriber’s name. (example: Steve M Johnson … Your ID card – Health Tradition Health Plan

Insured/Subscriber Name (Last, First, Middle Initial). Group Number. Insured/Subscriber Identification Number (from ID card). Mailing Address. Patient’s Full … Insured/Subscriber Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) Mailing …

If I select student health insurance for autumn term, I can waive out of it for ID number; and the subscriber’s name and telephone (“subscriber” means the … Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Student Health Insurance

4. Understanding your health insurance card: You should always …

If one of your family members is the main policyholder it will have their name above yours. Member ID Number: identifies you, the insured. Group number: Identifies … Understanding Your Health Insurance Card: >>

Sample Health Insurance ID Card: Key. 1. Member ID Number. 2. Member Name. 3. Group Number. 4. Primary Care Provider (PCP) Name and Phone Number…. Sample Health Insurance ID Card – FAIR Health

5. How to read your insurance card – St. Jude Children’s …

Every health insurance card should have the patient’s name on it. If you have insurance through someone else, such as a parent, you might see that person’s … How To Read Your Insurance >>

the subscriber’s name. The subscriber is the person with primary responsibility for the coverage. If you have more than six members on your plan, you’ll receive … Understanding Your Medica ID Card (PDF)

List of common billing and insurance terms used at CHKD. Addressee: The name and address of the guarantor (a guarantor is the person legally responsible for payment on the This person is not necessarily the same as the subscriber…. Billing Terms | What Do They Mean | CHKD

This term means types of health coverage a person has had. People sometimes need If it’s a family health plan, the subscriber add people to it as dependents…. Health Care & Insurance Glossary of Terms | Aetna

6. Glossary of Health Insurance Terms | Blue Cross and Blue …

Health care coverage for a primary policyholder (called a “subscriber”) and his or her on your health plan’s formulary and costs less than the brand name drug…. Glossary Of Health Insurance Terms >>

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use glossary provides definitions for common health insurance terms to Start typing to see definitions matching your search term…. Healthcare Glossary: Health Insurance Terms | Cigna

7. How to identify who is an insurance subscriber on an … – Quora

The subscriber number goes by several different names. It’s often called the member number or the patient ID. This information is specific to the one covered under 10 answers  ·  6 votes: If you have a card with multiple people on it, the subscriber is usually listed first. … How To Identify Who Is >>

In order to expedite your visit, please complete ALL of the information below. PRIMARY INSURANCE HOLDER (NAME OF SUBSCRIBER). FULL NAME: DOB: /…. PRIMARY INSURANCE HOLDER (NAME OF SUBSCRIBER …

Insured’s Name (Beneficiary). The name of the insured person. Medi-Cal. A California state Subscriber. A person who is enrolled for benefits with an insurance Usual and Customary (U&C)Out-of-Network (OON)/Non-Contracted Plan… Billing – Glossary of Terms | Stanford Health Care

8. Your member ID card | UnitedHealthcare

When you sign up for health insurance, your health plan will send a member identification (ID) card to you and your covered family members. Your member ID … Your Member ID Card | >>

Going to doctors, clinics and hospitals in your network will save you money. If you’re traveling outside your in-network coverage area, look to see if you have…. Understanding your new ID card – UMR

Your card contains key information about your health insurance coverage that is required when you need care, or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Keeping … Five things to look for on your BCBS ID card | Blue Cross Blue …

If you’re enrolled in a health insurance policy held in another person’s name, like a parent or spouse, that person is considered the policy holder of your health … Frequently Asked Questions | Keep It Confidential.

9. FAQs Registration and Security – Health Net

Subscriber ID number, and you can find it on your Health Net insurance card. at least 1 letter and 1 number, and it must be different from your user name…. FAQs Registration And Security – >>

The insurance company name and plan type are in the top header of the card. that could be included in this section is the subscriber or policy holder name…. How to Read Your Insurance Card, University of Utah …

Medical Claims Address: Subscriber Address: INSURANCE INFORMATION. Insurance Company: Group Name: Group Number: Relationship to Subscriber:…. Subscriber Address – WellStreet Urgent Care

NAME OF SUBSCRIBER/RESPONSIBLE PARTY: You are responsible for all deductibles, co-insurance and charges not covered by insurance. Please … 1 . PATIENT INFORMATION SUBSCRIBER / RESPONSIBLE …

Picture of a Dental ID card for a PPO plan. Employer’s name. Subscriber’s name (enrolled dependent names will not be listed, but they can use this card to obtain … What information is on a Dental ID card? – Guardian Anytime

10. What is a subscriber number for health insurance?

Apr 10, 2017 — You’ll have the name of your insurance company along with their contact information. The card should also have: Your subscriber ID; Your … What Is A Subscriber Number >>

The person who receives proceeds or benefits. Brand Name Drug: When a drug company develops a new drug, they’re the only ones allowed to make it and sell it … Glossary of Terms | Health Insurance, Medicare & More …

Take a look at our FAQ’s to get answers to all your insurance-related questions. Please note that all member ID cards will have only the subscriber name on it, … FAQ | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Aug 1, 2020 — Re: Health Insurance Premium Rebate for Year [20XX 3]; [Policy #XXXXX 4]. Dear [Subscriber Name 5]:. This letter is to inform you that you will … Notice of Health Insurance Premium Rebate – CMS

If you purchased a plan through the health insurance marketplace, please visit Correct the spelling of a name (a new ID card will be sent if the subscriber’s … Help – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

The subscriber can request a new member ID card for themselves and their Go to the Member Portal and enter your name, date of birth, the last four digits of the Benefits and Coverage Matrix, Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form, … Member Portal FAQs | Sutter Health Plus