Have you got any plans this coming weekend? If not, there’s a new water sport you might want to try. This is called wakesurfing.

Wakesurfing is an increasingly popular water sport for both beginners and pro athletes. Although it’s a relatively young sport, it already has an annual wakesurfing competition and other pro-level championship matches across the United States.

However, it’s often used interchangeably with wakeboarding, although they’re two different water sports. So, what makes one different from the other?

When it comes to difficulty level, wakesurfing seems to be more challenging than wakeboarding. That’s because of how it’s done. The former doesn’t require a rope at all times, unlike the latter. Once you get the wave, you can let go of the rope and surf.

Although wakesurfing is more difficult, it has some benefits as well. It’s perfect for longer rides, and you can do just fine even if you have back issues. On the other hand, wakeboarding is prone to injuries and harder on the body.

If you want to learn more about wakesurfing and other popular spots to do it, you can continue reading the content below.

What Is Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is a water sport that involves trailing a motorboat using a short surfboard such as the popular USA-made wakesurf boards at In other words, it’s surfing while holding on to a rope attached to a boat.

Sometimes, wakesurfing can be extremely challenging. It looks dangerous, but it’s the ideal condition to perform a good wake. You can also ask the boat captain to shift the boat to one side for additional ballast.

This water sport starts by lying on the board with both feet ready to stand up. As the motorboat speeds up (around 10 miles per hour), the surfer will quickly stand up while holding tightly onto a rope. Then, the surfer will be able to go with the waves for five minutes maximum. Pro surfers can do spins and other tricks.

What Are Wakesurfing Boats?

Wakesurfing boats are different from regular motorboats. These are especially weighted using fat sacs, heavy lead, or water-filled bags to maximize the surfer’s wake potential. Some boats are extremely weighted to the point that they tilt like a Titanic sinking into the deep waters.

Aside from being heavily weighted, wakesurfing boats also have built-in swim decks. These are areas located at the end of the boat where someone can watch the surfer and pull the rope as soon as they let it go. Also, swim decks give surfers additional protection from the propeller underneath the boat.

Surfers can also do wakesurfing on larger boats like yachts; however, bringing the boat to a speed and creating great wake will be more difficult. That’s because yachts aren’t easy to maneuver; and because of that, picking up fallen surfers won’t be easy and time-consuming.

On top of that, larger boats create unfamiliar waves and have exposed propellers. So, the surfers don’t have other options but to adapt to the environment and keep a good distance from the boat. But the good thing about these boats is they’re capable of allowing two surfers to surf on bigger waves at the same time.

Where Are The Popular Spots For Wakesurfing?

If you’re looking for the most popular spots for wakesurfing, look no further. Below are the top places where you can wakesurf in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. These lakes offer the best waters you can ever experience.

If you want to experience a memorable wakesurfing experience, consider trying these places above. You won’t surely regret visiting them, be it with your friends or family.

Final Words

Wakesurfing is a new watersport that involves the surfer getting pulled by a weighted motorboat across the waves. Once a wake has formed, the surfer will let go of the ropes and ride the waves as much as they want to enjoy it. If this is your first time wakesurfing, consider visiting the popular places above for a great impression. Once you have it, you’ll never be able to pull yourself away from wakesurfing.