Ditch the tent and discover these awesome rustic & secluded cabin rentals “near me” in the most scenic states in America, often for not much more than the cost of a campsite. 

Secluded – The cabins are secluded in US Forest Service national forests and recreation areas.

Scenic – The cabins are all located in spectacular scenic areas with abundant recreational opportunities. 

Rustic – Many of the cabins were built back in the 1930’s or 40’s as guard stations or lookout tower staff quarters.


36 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Idaho

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, check out these 36 rustic cabins in Idaho. These scenic & secluded rustic cabins were built and are maintained by the US Forest Service.  Be sure to read the full details on each cabin, before you proceed to rent the cabins online. Access and amenities vary

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12 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic California

Exploring scenic California with a secluded rustic cabin rental to call home is an experience you will never forget. Imagine the decades of previous inhabitants of the cabin while you explore the California back country. This page features 12 such rustic cabins in scenic California that you can reserve from

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82 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Montana

When the view out your window is both tranquil and spectacular, you know you have arrived.  That is the feeling you will get upon arrival at one of these 82 rustic & secluded cabin rentals in mesmerizing Montana. The cabins are located in popular outdoor recreation areas with options for hiking,

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18 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Colorado

Experience Colorado in true “wild west” fashion from one of these 18 rustic cabin rentals in the heart of scenic Colorado.  The cabin rentals provide campers with a rustic, remote getaway in the beautiful Colorado. The cabins are in outdoor recreation areas that offer many opportunities for hiking in summer, hunting

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33 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Oregon

Visit the scenic Oregon back country in style with your very own rustic & secluded cabin rental. Gain access to spectacular hiking trails and world class scenery. This page features 33 rustic & secluded cabins in the Oregon back country. Be sure to click through on each rustic cabin rental

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11 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Utah

Looking for a secluded cabin rental to use as a home base while exploring the scenic Utah outdoors? This page features 11 rustic & secluded cabins in scenic Utah. Mountain biking and hiking are popular activities in the vicinity of these secluded cabins. In the winter, the surrounding area becomes a

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14 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Wyoming

Explore scenic Wyoming with a comfortable and secluded cabin rental as your home base right in the middle of it all. This page features 14 rustic & secluded cabins in scenic Wyoming. These secluded cabins are a great base for gaining access to vast hiking trail systems that access the highest elevations,

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3 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Michigan

Experience the scenic side of Michigan with these rustic & secluded cabin rentals in the great Michigan outdoors.  This page features 3 rustic & secluded cabins in scenic Michigan. Recreation opportunities include kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, beach combing, and hunting. Be sure to click through on each secluded cabin

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Haleakala National Park (Cabin Permits)

5 Rustic & Secluded Cabins in Various States

For a quiet and peaceful outdoor experience, rent one of these secluded cabins in Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Florida, Hawaii or Wisconsin.  Enjoy the sounds of nature as you wake up in a secluded cabin in some of the most spectacular scenic areas you will find anywhere. Be sure to click

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Secluded Cabin Rentals "Near Me": Rent a Cabin in the Woods!

Searching for a cabin in the woods rental “near me”? The secluded cabin rentals on this page are organized by State, to help you find the perfect rustic cabin rental near you. To top it off, these cabins are not only “in the woods”, they are often part of the esteemed US national forest system and recreation areas managed by the US Forest Service.

The secluded cabins on this page are the perfect vacation if you want to rent a cabin to relax and unwind from city life. Weekend cabin rentals are a great way to do that. Wake up to the sounds of nature rather than the sound of sirens!

In many cases the cabins are the only one in the area for miles around, unlike typical vacation cabin rentals that are often at busy locations like popular lakes. That is because many of these cabins have been repurposed from old guard stations and fire lookout tower staff accommodations.

Cheap Cabin Rentals "Near Me": Rent a Cabin Without Breaking the Bank

These remote cabin rentals are indeed “rustic”, often built in the 1930’s and 1940’s. For that reason, you can often rent a cabin for not much more than the cost of a campsite (although prices do vary widely). They are worth considering as cheap cabin rentals.

Cheap cabins however do not mean a vacation of less quality. If your goal is to get closer to nature, then the cheap cabins on this page could very well give you a much greater cabin stay experience compared to luxury cabin rentals that often come in clusters, rather than being surrounded by nature and nothing but nature.

Cabin Rental "Near Me": Where is the best place to rent a cabin?

If you found your way to this page, then a rustic cabin rental in a scenic, secluded area is likely your definition of the best place to rent a cabin. And we wouldn’t argue with you. The restorative power of nature is greater the closer to nature you get. A cabin rental from this page checks all those boxes. Rustic, check. Secluded, check. Scenic, check. Close to nature, check.

A cabin rental can be compared to many things. Compared to tent camping, a rustic cabin rental has more amenities. Compare to a luxury cabin rental, a rustic cabin has less of the amenities you are used to at home. Therefore the question: “where is the best place to rent a cabin?” is a matter of perspective.

Of course proximity to your home is also a factor. That is why the cabin rentals on this page are organized by State, so you can narrow your search as much as possible. The search bar at the top of this page can help you narrow things down further, although many of those search results will include campgrounds, not just cabin rentals.

Let us know your idea of the best place to rent a cabin in the comments section below!