13,460 Tent & RV Campgrounds


2,538 Outdoor Recreation Areas


826 Glamping Areas

826 Areas

1,453 Hiking Trailheads


62 National Parks


53 Fire Lookout Rentals

53 towers

126 National Monuments & Memorials


335 National Wildlife Refuges


528 US Lake & Reservoir Recreation Areas

528 Areas

122 Scenic Hiking Areas

122 Areas

106 National Forests


259 Scenic Rivers in the United States


More Areas of Interest

179 US National Historic & Heritage Sites & Parks

A US National Historic Site is an area of national historic significance. They usually contain a single feature like a historically significant building.  A National Historical Park usually extends beyond a single property or building. A National Heritage Area exists to encourage historic preservation and an appreciation of the history and heritage of the site.

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12 Stunning Deschutes National Forest Recreation Areas

The Deschutes National Forest in Deschutes County offers countless year-round recreation opportunities.  Five wilderness areas fall within the Deschutes National Forest boundary – Diamond Peak, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Washington and Three Sisters.  Drill down into the 12 Deschutes recreation areas below to learn more about each area, including stunning image galleries, maps, directions, and links to campground reservations.

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Fire Watch Tower Lookout Rentals Learn More 53 towers Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals Learn More 403 Units Mountain Cabin Rentals Learn More 307 Units Log Cabin Rentals Learn More 63 Units The Difference Between Camping and Glamping? Glamping and camping have a lot in common. They both involve getting away from it all in the great outdoors. Camping and glamping also both involve giving up some of the amenities of home to immerse yourself in nature.  The main difference with glamping is you give up less of the amenities of home. You still have an actual roof over your

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Log Cabin Rentals “Near Me”

Log cabin rentals are like an enhanced camping experience. They provide more amenities than a campsite provides, but less than what you are used to back home. This page leads to log cabin rentals in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona & Colorado. By organizing these rental log cabins by state, we hope to more quickly satisfy folks searching for the best “log cabin rentals near me”.  Cheap Log Cabin Rentals “Near Me” If you are looking for cheap log cabin rentals, you will be glad to hear many of the log cabin rentals

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Secluded Cabin Rentals * Scenic Cabin Rentals * Rustic Cabin Rentals

Ditch the tent and discover these awesome rustic & secluded cabin rentals “near me” in the most scenic states in America, often for not much more than the cost of a campsite.  Secluded – The cabins are secluded in US Forest Service national forests and recreation areas. Scenic – The cabins are all located in spectacular scenic areas with abundant recreational opportunities.  Rustic – Many of the cabins were built back in the 1930’s or 40’s as guard stations or lookout tower staff quarters. Secluded Cabin Rentals “Near Me”: Rent a Cabin in the Woods! Searching for a cabin in the woods

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84 Alaska Mountain Cabin Rentals

See the Alaska mountains as you’ve never seen them before, from a mountain cabin rental in the heart of the amazing Alaska mountains. Glaciers and peaks around the cabins offer experienced climbers a challenging adventure. This page features 84 mountain cabin rentals in the heart of the Alaska mountains that you can reserve online.  Be sure to click through on each Alaska mountain cabin entry below to read the full description before you reserve your spot. Access & amenities vary widely.  Mountain cabin rentals are a form of glamping. This is a relatively new term that combines the words glamorous

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82 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Montana

When the view out your window is both tranquil and spectacular, you know you have arrived.  That is the feeling you will get upon arrival at one of these 82 rustic & secluded cabin rentals in mesmerizing Montana. The cabins are located in popular outdoor recreation areas with options for hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming in the surrounding areas, to name just a few possibilities. The cabins were built in the early 1900’s, and are maintained by the US Forest Service. Each cabin has its own unique story to tell, fully revealed after you click on the images below. Be sure

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36 Rustic & Secluded Cabin Rentals in Scenic Idaho

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, check out these 36 rustic cabins in Idaho. These scenic & secluded rustic cabins were built and are maintained by the US Forest Service.  Be sure to read the full details on each cabin, before you proceed to rent the cabins online.  Access and amenities vary widely. Enjoy your time in scenic Idaho! Rustic & secluded cabin rentals are a form of glamping. This is a relatively new term that combines the words glamorous and camping. It is for folks that want the outdoor experience that comes with camping, but with more comfort. Learn about other

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53 Fire Watch Tower Lookout Rentals

California Colorado Idaho Montana Oregon If you are looking for an unforgettable wilderness experience, consider renting a fire watch tower lookout instead of packing a heavy tent up the mountain. You will get a birds-eye view of spectacular wilderness areas, and gain access to some of the best hiking trails you will find anywhere. Rather than spend hours hiking up something, why not start at the top! You can rent the lookouts from the US Forest Service at times when they are not actively in use for forest fire detection. Many of the lookouts are no longer used for fire detection, and

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Camping Areas & Useful Resources

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America’s most visited national park. Directions Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the borders of the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. The three main entrances to the park are in the Gatlinburg, TN; Townsend, TN; and Cherokee, NC. Phone (865) 436-1200 Camping Reservations Reserve your campsite

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Discover New Camping Areas in the National Forests