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Hi, I'm Brad Morgan. This site was developed during the first few months of the COVID-19 stay-at-home lock down in 2020. At a time when going outside was strongly discouraged by governments around the world, developing a site like this was a great distraction.

Special thanks to Aaron Hillegass at uscampgrounds.info who gave me permission to use their campground dataset (e.g. Illinois ). The remaining campground, hiking trail, and recreation area information on this site is courtesy of the public Recreation.gov dataset (recreation.gov/use-our-data). The many stunning images associated with each entry are included in the dataset. Here are some of my favorites (click an image for slideshow):

Note: Unfortunately, the recreation.gov dataset does not include images for most of the hiking trails. As a result, most of the featured images for the hiking trails come from the recreation area the hiking trail belongs to. This results in some images being used many times in the hiking trails section.

The pages in the Videos section use the free Youtube share/embed feature, but also provide a link back to each video on Youtube so visitors can easily subscribe to the videographer’s Youtube channel, should they choose to do so.