When to take newborn insert out of car seat?

When to take newborn insert out of car seat?

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When it comes to traveling with a newborn in a car, safety is of utmost importance. One essential item for ensuring their safety is a car seat, specifically designed to protect infants during travel. Many car seats come with a newborn insert, which provides additional support and security for the smallest passengers. However, as babies grow and develop, there comes a point when the newborn insert needs to be removed. In this article, we will explore when it is appropriate to take the newborn insert out of a car seat and why it is necessary.

Why is the Newborn Insert Important?

The newborn insert in a car seat serves several crucial purposes. Firstly, it provides extra padding and support for a newborn’s delicate head and neck. Newborns have limited neck control, and the insert helps keep their head stable and secure during the ride. Additionally, the insert helps position the baby correctly in the car seat, ensuring their airways remain open and unobstructed.

When to Remove the Newborn Insert

The appropriate time to remove the newborn insert from a car seat varies depending on the specific model and the baby’s size and development. However, as a general guideline, most car seat manufacturers recommend removing the insert when the baby reaches a certain weight or age.

Weight-based: Some car seat manufacturers specify a weight limit for using the newborn insert. Once the baby exceeds this weight limit, it is time to remove the insert. Typically, this weight limit ranges from 11 to 15 pounds, but it is essential to consult the car seat’s manual for accurate information.

Age-based: In addition to weight, age can also be a determining factor for removing the newborn insert. As babies grow, their bodies develop more strength and control. Most car seat manufacturers recommend removing the insert when the baby reaches around 4 to 6 months of age. Again, it is crucial to refer to the car seat’s manual for specific guidelines.

It is important to note that every car seat is different, so it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The manual will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on when to remove the newborn insert.

Why Remove the Newborn Insert?

While the newborn insert provides crucial support and protection for newborns, it is necessary to remove it as the baby grows. Here are a few reasons why removing the insert is important:

Proper fit: As babies grow, they require more space in the car seat to sit comfortably and securely. Removing the newborn insert allows for a better fit, ensuring that the harness straps can be adjusted properly to secure the baby.

Improved air circulation: Newborn inserts can restrict air circulation around the baby’s body, potentially causing overheating. Removing the insert allows for better airflow, keeping the baby cool and comfortable during the ride.

Reduced risk of improper positioning: As babies grow, their body proportions change. If the newborn insert is not removed at the appropriate time, it can lead to improper positioning of the baby in the car seat. This can compromise their safety in the event of a collision.


Knowing when to remove the newborn insert from a car seat is crucial for your baby’s safety and comfort during travel. While the specific guidelines may vary depending on the car seat model, weight, and age of the baby, it is generally recommended to remove the insert when the baby reaches a certain weight or age. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and considering the baby’s development, you can ensure that your little one travels safely and comfortably.


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