How to stop a puppy from eating everything?

How to stop a puppy from eating everything?

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Puppies are notorious for their curious nature and tendency to explore the world with their mouths. While this behavior is normal, it can become problematic when a puppy starts eating everything in sight. Not only can this be dangerous for the puppy’s health, but it can also lead to damage in your home. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to stop a puppy from eating everything and promote safer and healthier habits.

Understanding the Reasons

Identifying the underlying reasons: Before addressing the problem, it’s essential to understand why puppies engage in this behavior. Puppies may eat everything due to teething, boredom, hunger, or anxiety. Identifying the root cause will help you tailor your approach.

Provide appropriate chew toys: Puppies have a natural instinct to chew, especially when they are teething. Providing them with appropriate chew toys can redirect their chewing behavior to more suitable objects. Look for toys specifically designed for teething puppies, as they are softer and gentler on their developing teeth.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Remove temptations: Puppies are naturally curious and will explore anything within their reach. Remove any items that may be tempting for them to chew on, such as shoes, cables, or household plants. Keep these items out of their reach or in closed cabinets.

Use baby gates: Restricting access to certain areas of your home can help prevent your puppy from getting into trouble. Use baby gates to block off rooms or areas where you don’t want your puppy to have access. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on redirecting their behavior in a controlled environment.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Teach the “leave it” command: Teaching your puppy the “leave it” command can be incredibly useful in preventing them from eating things they shouldn’t. Start by holding a treat in your closed hand and saying “leave it.” When your puppy stops trying to get the treat, reward them with a different treat and praise. Gradually increase the difficulty by placing treats on the floor and reinforcing the “leave it” command.

Redirect their attention: Whenever you catch your puppy attempting to eat something they shouldn’t, redirect their attention to an appropriate chew toy or engage them in a game. This will teach them that chewing on their toys is more rewarding and enjoyable than chewing on random objects.

Consistency and Supervision

Supervise your puppy: Keeping a close eye on your puppy is crucial in preventing them from eating everything. Supervision allows you to intervene and redirect their behavior whenever necessary. Consider using a leash or tethering your puppy to you when you can’t directly supervise them.

Be consistent with training: Consistency is key when training a puppy. Ensure that everyone in the household follows the same rules and uses the same commands. Inconsistency can confuse your puppy and hinder their progress.


In conclusion, stopping a puppy from eating everything requires a combination of understanding their behavior, puppy-proofing your home, positive reinforcement training, and consistent supervision. By identifying the underlying reasons, providing appropriate chew toys, puppy-proofing your home, using positive reinforcement training techniques, and maintaining consistency, you can effectively redirect your puppy’s behavior and promote safer and healthier habits.


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