Why is kevin van dam not fishing the elite series?

Why is kevin van dam not fishing the elite series?

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Kevin VanDam is a legendary professional bass angler known for his exceptional skills and numerous victories in the sport. However, fans and fishing enthusiasts may wonder why he is not currently participating in the Elite Series, one of the most prestigious bass fishing tournaments. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Kevin VanDam’s absence from the Elite Series and shed light on his current fishing endeavors.

Transitioning to Major League Fishing

One of the primary reasons why Kevin VanDam is not fishing the Elite Series is his decision to transition to Major League Fishing (MLF). MLF is a newer tournament format that offers a different set of rules and regulations compared to traditional bass fishing tournaments like the Elite Series. VanDam, along with several other prominent anglers, made the switch to MLF in pursuit of new challenges and opportunities.

The Appeal of Major League Fishing

Format: Major League Fishing follows a catch, weigh, and immediate release format, where anglers compete in a time-limited session to catch as many fish as possible. This fast-paced format provides a unique and exciting experience for both anglers and fans.

Scoring System: In MLF, every fish caught is counted, and the angler with the highest cumulative weight at the end of the session emerges as the winner. This scoring system differs from the Elite Series, where anglers compete to bring in their five best fish based on weight.

Television Exposure: Major League Fishing has gained significant popularity due to its television coverage. The tournaments are broadcasted on major sports networks, providing anglers like Kevin VanDam with increased exposure and the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Kevin VanDam’s Success in Major League Fishing

Since joining Major League Fishing, Kevin VanDam has continued to showcase his exceptional skills and achieve remarkable success. He has won multiple MLF tournaments and consistently ranks among the top contenders in each event. VanDam’s decision to fish in MLF has allowed him to compete against some of the best anglers in the world while embracing the unique challenges posed by the format.

Other Fishing Endeavors

Apart from his participation in Major League Fishing, Kevin VanDam is also involved in various other fishing endeavors. He frequently appears in fishing shows, conducts fishing seminars, and collaborates with fishing tackle companies to develop innovative fishing gear. VanDam’s passion for the sport extends beyond tournament fishing, and he actively engages in activities that promote and educate others about bass fishing.


In conclusion, Kevin VanDam’s absence from the Elite Series can be attributed to his decision to transition to Major League Fishing. The appeal of MLF’s format, scoring system, and television exposure has attracted VanDam and other prominent anglers to this newer tournament series. Despite not participating in the Elite Series, VanDam continues to excel in Major League Fishing and remains actively involved in various fishing endeavors.


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