One of the types of outdoor activities that does not lose its relevance either in winter or in summer is hiking. Spending time outdoors in a wonderful company, feeling the romance of long walks, singing songs with a guitar by the fire – this is what is most appreciated today in such a vacation by residents of megacities. And if there are mountains and picturesque forests nearby, then you don’t have to think about how to spend the weekend at all.

However, this type of recreation also has a downside: the possibility of getting lost, getting various injuries, being attacked by bloodthirsty mosquitoes – all these annoying troubles can significantly spoil the mood on a hike. But only if you are not ready for them, and do not have everything you need to eliminate such negative factors at hand. Therefore, do not underestimate one of the most important stages – collecting everything you need for the trip.


A map – in a tablet, a compass – in a hand. This simple rule will help you not to stray from the chosen route. Next, you should make sure that the feeling of hunger does not tear you away from a pleasant pastime. Therefore, we choose either a small pot or a larger pan (depending on the size of the company), a ladle – and take it with us. It should be remembered that for each person there should be one and a half to two liters of edible prepared in a container. From the dishes you also need to take a folding knife, a spoon, a mug with you.

A flashlight  like 1000 lumen torch is one of the essential items for a hike. Be sure to take spare batteries and a light bulb with it. We also take matches – it is better to put them in a plastic bag so that they always remain dry.

Also, do not forget about personal hygiene items, first aid kit and mosquito repellent. It is most convenient in open areas to use igniting spirals and plates that operate on a warm surface.

Choosing a backpack

One of the most important things on a hike is a backpack. In order not to feel an unpleasant sensation in the shoulders in half an hour, it is better to choose a model with wide straps, durable and light. The most important thing is that the backpack is made of waterproof fabric.

It is very important to be able to correctly lay out things inside it. All objects must fit snugly against each other, not rattle or form protrusions. It is better to put softer things closer to the back, then it will be more convenient to carry them.

Dress properly

Particular attention should be paid to clothing and footwear for the trip. The main rules here are: easy, warm (in winter), cool (in summer). In cold weather, it is better not to neglect woolen socks and additional pairs of gloves – we put on woolen ones down, and leather ones on top. And, of course, clothes and shoes should be very comfortable.

To be ready for anything

Be sure to study the map of the area in detail before you go hiking. It is worth laying a route in advance, evaluating it, collecting all possible information on the Internet and according to the reviews of friends and acquaintances. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as sleet, you need to look at the weather forecast for the dates planned for the trip.

Check-list before going on a hike

  1. Backpack. It must be durable, comfortable and roomy. Be sure to check before the trip that the backpack does not “cut” the shoulders, does not pull and does not stab in the back or sides.
  2. Outerwear. In autumn, it is important to choose the right clothes, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. The best option is trousers and a jacket. They should be comfortable, reliable, not constraining movements. By the way, contrary to the persuasion of mothers and grandmothers, it is better not to take things made of cotton and wool on an autumn trip – they absorb moisture. Modern synthetics protect much better and also dry many times faster.
  3. Thermal underwear. It keeps the body dry and ensures normal thermoregulation of the body. It is important that the thermal underwear is strictly in size and tightly fits the body.
  4. Headdress. Or at least a bandage on the ears.
  5. Gloves. In autumn it can suddenly get cold, and if you go to the mountains, then touching the cold stones is very unpleasant.
  6. Socks. Here it is better not to regret and take several spare pairs with you at once. Woolen will not interfere either.Shoes. Need sports, waterproof with non-slip soles. In no case do not take new shoes – you risk getting blisters and ruining your whole trip.
  7. Hiking belt. Good hiking belts are essential and can make a really big difference to your comfort and your enjoyment of the day when out on a hike.
  8. Karemat, or tourist rug. It can be put under the sleeping bag if you have to spend the night. And also you can sit on it during a halt.
  9. Dishes. Mandatory tourist set: fork, spoon, plate, cup, knife.
  10. Documents. Experienced travelers are advised to take photocopies of documents with them. But if you still decide to take your passports, carefully pack them to protect them from moisture. Also pack money and a mobile phone.
  11. Products. It is better to avoid heavy and bulky boxes. Instead of bread, you can take bread, stew, cereals, and pasta. Be sure to take water.