7 Amazing Hiking Trails for Beginner Explorers

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Hey there, adventurous souls! Are you itching to lace up those hiking boots and hit some trails that won’t leave you breathless – except from the stunning views, of course? Well, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re new to the game and ready to revel in the great outdoors, we’ve got a list of seven swoon-worthy spots that are perfect for hiking newbies and those seeking a chill adventure.

1. Stoked for the Stoke: Yosemite Valley Loop Trail, California

For all you beginner explorers eager to join the hiking hype, you can’t beat the Yosemite Valley Loop Trail. Boasting epic views of the iconic granite cliffs, this gentle giant will treat you to majestic scenes without a massive sweat. With a path that runs about 11.5 miles if you’re up for the full loop, or shorter options to tailor it to your chill level, Yosemite Valley Loop Trail is a primo pick for your first foray into a hiking adventure.

Trail Tips: Bring plenty of water, take all the picture pauses you want, and remember to give a nod to El Capitan and Half Dome – they’re the real rock stars.

2. Appalachian Approachability: Max Patch, North Carolina

Wanna walk where the wild things are? Max Patch on the Appalachian Trail is the place to start. This bald mountain offers a 360-degree panorama that will have you gasping – and not from exhaustion. The trail is an easy 1.5 miles round trip, so you can soak in those Blue Ridge beauties without breaking too much of a sweat. It’s an insta-worthy wonderland that goldilocks would describe as “just right” – not too long, not too short, but juuust perfect for beginners.

Trail Talk: Make friends with the clouds as they roll by, and don’t forget to bring a trusty jacket. It can get breezy on open summits, folks!

3. Gorge-ous Gateway Hike: Angel’s Rest, Oregon

Set your sights on the Columbia River Gorge with a jaunt to Angel’s Rest. Just a quick stride from Portland, this hike is a fierce favorite among fledgling footpath finders. A moderate 4.5-mile hike leads to an awe-inspiring outlook where river views reign supreme. Strut to the summit and be greeted by a sweeping vista that’s sure to spark your everlasting love for hiking.

Hiker’s Heads-Up: The incline is real, fam, but the payoff is mega. Pack a lunch, and perm your camera ready – #viewgoals await.

4. Coastal Coolness: Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, California

Catch those cool Californian vibes with an easy-going excursion through Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Hit the Beach Trail for a breezy 3.3 miles round trip. En route to the Pacific’s pebbly embrace, you’ll meander past twisted namesake pines and might even spot some dolphins playing in the waves – no big deal.

Beachy Brief: Keep those eyes peeled for cliffside wonders and migrating majestic whales during the winter season. It’s nature’s Netflix, y’all.

5. Rocky Mountain Rookie Route: Bear Lake Loop, Colorado

Nestled in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park lies Bear Lake Loop, a simple yet stunning 1-mile trek around a crystal-clear alpine gem. This loop is more like a leisurely lakeside stroll that’ll have you marveling at the mirrored mountains and lush greenery. Feel the altitude without the attitude of a strenuous hike.

Loop Lowdown: Wildlife is wildin’ out here, so snap pics, but steer clear of the furry locals. Trust me; it’s for the best.

6. Desert Dream Walk: Mesa Arch, Utah

If your desert heart is calling, head to Canyonlands National Park for the ever-so-accessible Mesa Arch. A cool 0.5-mile round trip jaunt gifts you with a window to the wild west unlike any other. Catch the sunrise, and watch the underside of the arch glow like it’s been set aflame – no filter needed.

Desert Drill: Water is your bestie in the arid expanse. Also, flex your early bird muscles for a sunrise that’ll outshine your favorite brunch spot’s ambiance.

7. New England Natural: Jordan Pond Path, Maine

The charm of Acadia National Park’s Jordan Pond Path is undeniable. This serene 3.3-mile loop hugs the shore of a picturesque pond, flanked by the North and South Bubble mountains. Take a jaunt here to experience the subdued thrill of The Pine Tree State’s wilderness.

Path Pointers: After trekking, treat yourself to some poppin’ popovers at the Jordan Pond House. Because what’s hiking without a bit of gastronomic reward?

So, whatcha waiting for? With these seven solid starter hikes, you’ve got no excuse not to explore the magnificent marvels that Mother Nature’s been cookin’ up. Remember, leave no trace, keep the wild wild, and start collecting those “I conquered it” moments on the trails.


Let’s be real – the trails are calling, and you gotta answer. These hikes are the ticket to your first-class outdoor escapades. From towering cliffs to serene seaside strolls, there’s a hike out there with your name on it. Gear up, get out there, and start your hiking journey with a bang – or more like a delightful stroll through nature’s hallway of fame. Happy trails to you, up-and-coming trail stars!


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