Traveling is the best experience you can ever have in your life. What do you get from being a regular and persistent traveler? Tons of positive emotions, new meetings with people, and a whole lot of activities not known before. Traveling lets you get acquainted with a new culture, find like-minded people, and immerse yourself in a whole new world with different traditions and customs.

Traveling is fascinating when it’s done properly. But why do so many people not like driving or flying somewhere? There are a couple of reasons. One of the most obvious is the lack of planning before the trip. You can’t get the best experience in your life in a new place when you have no route plan or guide to follow.

For this reason, many people hesitate with traveling or can’t get the most from their experience. But there’s the answer to the question. With the help of the human transcription service, you can use the travel guidebook or audio planner designed in any language to help yourself in the trip planning. Let’s find out if you need to use a travel guide and how to find the best one.

Do travelers use guidebooks these days? 

You may be bewildered by the answer, but travelers use guidebooks these days. There are lots of new editions with the best places you can’t miss during your trip. This is a nice experience to find a travel guidebook for your journey, whether you go on your own or with friends.

If you have never used a guidebook to serve you as a roadmap for your trip, it’s high time to try a new experience. Many people criticize the choice of using a travel book before even working with it. It’s a handy tool you can always take with you. If it’s translated with the help of transcription services, it has even more benefits. Let’s check why you may want to use a travel book and learn about the best options on the market.

Top 3 benefits to using a travel guidebook for your next trip 

You might have questions about the relevance of using travel guidebooks these days. Do I need to use a transcription service to get myself a guidebook for my trip? Access to the Internet and multiple ways to search the info online makes the whole guidebook issue useless. But this isn’t the case due to the sophisticated format of the guidebooks you can find online.

Do you need a travel guide? If this is your first time traveling to a new country or place and you want to save some money, you should get yourself a well-crafted guidebook to make your traveling experience the best.


If you enjoy getting the most accurate and proven information about the trip, you should get yourself the Bradt edition guidebook. This is a leading brand for travelers who want to get the most from the new experience. The guidebook features the best places you should schedule for your journey. It’s also great to use the Bradt guide if you prefer a slow traveling experience.

Lonely Planet 

What’s special about the guidebook? If you want to immerse yourself in a romantic story and travel with the feeling of love and kindness, you may want to get yourself a copy of the Lonely Planet travel guide. When the married couple managed their expedition, they issued a guide to feature their most visited places.

This is the best option for travelers trying to plan their trip to Asian countries. Nevertheless, the guide has been on the market for a long time, the edition has been redesigned to make sure you visit all the necessary and worthy places in the region.

Time Out 

If you want to find a trusty helper for your next trip, you should pay attention to the Time Out guidebook. This is a perfect tool that will help you discover the best places during your trip. There are tons of beautiful and worthy places in Europe you must see. You shouldn’t be frightened by the number of places available to travelers with the helpful Time Out guide. It offers the nicest hotels, culture, and art places that every traveler wants to visit. You won’t regret your choice if you choose the Time Out guidebook for your next trip to Europe.

Insight Guides 

Is it safe to use the guidebook? Insight edition has been on the market for over 40 years now, so it managed to gain the trust of its clients and reach reliable rates from travelers around the globe. You will get accurate information about the places, feature relevant maps and enjoy the detailed descriptions in the book.

Foot Print 

Would you like to take a ticket and visit sunny Latin America? It’s better to get yourself a finely designed travel book from the Foot Print edition. The information in the guide has been gathered for decades to make sure you can benefit from the best places on the continent.

If you’re bored with the widely advertised places of interest and want to get an intimate touch with the country, you should check out the FootPrint travel book edition that offers a well-translated version done by the transcription website. It’s your best helper to travel around the globe and enjoy every little bit of Latin American land.

Marco Polo 

You might have heard about the famous historical explorer who inspired millions of people to travel around the globe and look for new places to learn about. Marco Polo gave rise to the design of this travel book to make your journey unforgettable and full of nice emotions.

Nevertheless, this is the last option on the list, it’s one of the most useful and full of interesting places to visit. If you look for the best travel book with the offline phone version, you should check out the Marco Polo option.


Do you need to use a thoroughly transcribed paper guidebook for travelers? The need to use a paper copy is clear because video and audio transcription done by the leading companies is the source of the most accurate information. If you get yourself a guide, you won’t have questions about the future trip.

There are different lands to visit. You will be able to fill your traveling experience with the best emotions when choosing one of the guidebooks from the list. Some of them are for travelers to Europe, while others are focused more on the Asian regions of Latin America. Make sure to get yourself a guidebook and enjoy a trip.