Log cabin rentals are like an enhanced camping experience. They provide more amenities than a campsite provides, but less than what you are used to back home.

This page leads to log cabin rentals in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona & Colorado.

By organizing these rental log cabins by state, we hope to more quickly satisfy folks searching for the best “log cabin rentals near me”. 


33 Awesome Alaska Log Cabin Rentals

Looking for breathtaking scenery and an unforgettable outdoor experience? This page features 33 awesome log cabins that you can rent, right in heart of scenic Alaska.  These log cabins were built and are maintained by the US Forest Service. Some of the sites listed below offer more than one cabin

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14 Scenic Montana Log Cabin Rentals

There is nothing like “roughing it” but with a roof over your head. These 14 scenic Montana log cabin rentals give all the adventure & access of camping, but with some of the amenities of home. These log cabins were built and are maintained by the US Forest Service.  Be

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5 Log Cabin Rentals in Idaho

The Idaho back country has long been a spectacular escape from city life. There is no better way to enjoy scenic Idaho than from a secluded log cabin rental as your home base.  Enjoy activities like stream and lake fishing, day hikes to high mountain lakes, mountain bike riding, hiking, horseback

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3 Oregon Log Cabin Rentals

See Oregon with a log cabin rental as your home base. The Oregon back country has long been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, and for good reason.  Discover these 3 Oregon back country log cabin rentals, like the Anthony Lake Guard Station. Be sure to click through on each Oregon log

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8 Log Cabin Rentals in Various States

Rent these 8 log cabins located in Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona & Colorado.  No matter what state you are in, these cabins are offered by the US Forest Service. They are located in scenic and secluded recreation areas for an immersive nature experience.  Be sure to

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Cheap Log Cabin Rentals "Near Me"

If you are looking for cheap log cabin rentals, you will be glad to hear many of the log cabin rentals on this page don’t cost much more than a nightly camping fee. With typical campsites running around $20/night, a cheap log cabin rental can run you around $40/night. Many of these are small log cabins with only a few amenities, but still provide a sturdy cabin roof over your head and walls to withstand the wind and cold, especially welcome in the winter months.

Wood cabins versus Log Cabins

Log cabins are a subset of wood cabins. Although log cabins are also wood cabins, their building blocks usually retain the rounded shape of a raw log. In some cases the logs may be debarked and planed to have somewhat of a flat service, but will still be essentially made up of logs rather than processed flat wooden boards.