How to find pantone color in photoshop?

How to find pantone color in photoshop?

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In this article, we will explore how to find Pantone colors in Photoshop. Pantone colors are widely used in various industries, including graphic design and printing, as a standard system for color matching. Being able to accurately identify and use Pantone colors in Photoshop can greatly enhance your design workflow and ensure consistent color reproduction. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and discover the methods to find Pantone colors in Photoshop.

Using the Color Picker

Photoshop provides a built-in Color Picker tool that allows you to select colors from various color models, including Pantone. To find a Pantone color using the Color Picker:

1. Open Photoshop and create a new document or open an existing one.
2. Select the object or area where you want to apply the Pantone color.
3. Choose the “Paint Bucket” or “Brush” tool from the toolbar.
4. Click on the foreground color swatch in the toolbar to open the Color Picker.
5. In the Color Picker dialog box, click on the “Color Libraries” button.

Using the Pantone Color Libraries

The “Color Libraries” button in the Color Picker dialog box provides access to various color libraries, including Pantone. Follow these steps to find a Pantone color using the Pantone Color Libraries:

1. After clicking on the “Color Libraries” button, a new dialog box will appear.
2. From the “Book” dropdown menu, select “PANTONE+ Solid Coated” or any other Pantone library you prefer.
3. Use the scroll bar or search field to navigate through the Pantone color swatches.
4. Click on the desired Pantone color to select it.
5. Click “OK” to close the Color Picker dialog box and apply the selected Pantone color to your object or area.

Converting Colors to Pantone

Sometimes, you may have a specific color in mind that is not available in the Pantone library. In such cases, you can convert your desired color to the closest Pantone match using Photoshop’s color conversion feature. Here’s how:

1. Open the Color Picker dialog box by clicking on the foreground color swatch in the toolbar.
2. In the Color Picker, select the “Color Libraries” button.
3. Choose the Pantone library you want to convert your color to, such as “PANTONE+ Solid Coated.”
4. Click on the “RGB Sliders” tab.
5. Adjust the RGB sliders to achieve your desired color.
6. Take note of the RGB values displayed in the Color Picker.
7. Click “OK” to close the Color Picker.
8. Open a web browser and search for a Pantone color conversion tool.
9. Enter the RGB values you obtained from Photoshop into the conversion tool.
10. The tool will provide you with the closest Pantone match for your color.


Finding Pantone colors in Photoshop is essential for designers and anyone working with color-critical projects. By using the Color Picker and Pantone Color Libraries, you can easily select and apply Pantone colors to your designs. Additionally, the color conversion feature allows you to find the closest Pantone match for any desired color. Incorporating Pantone colors into your Photoshop workflow ensures accurate color reproduction and consistency across different mediums.