How to remove glare from glasses in lightroom?

How to remove glare from glasses in lightroom?

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Removing glare from glasses in Lightroom is a common editing task for photographers. Glare on glasses can be distracting and take away from the overall quality of an image. Fortunately, Lightroom offers several tools and techniques that can help minimize or eliminate glare, allowing you to enhance your photos and achieve a more professional look. In this article, we will explore how to remove glare from glasses in Lightroom, step by step.

Step 1: Import your photo into Lightroom

Before you can start removing glare from glasses, you need to import your photo into Lightroom. Open Lightroom and select the Library module. Click on the Import button and choose the photo you want to work on. Once imported, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Zoom in on the glasses

To effectively remove glare from glasses, you need to zoom in on the area where the glare is present. In the Develop module, use the Zoom tool or press the Z key to zoom in on the glasses. This will allow you to see the details more clearly and make precise adjustments.

Step 3: Use the Adjustment Brush tool

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush tool is a powerful tool for making selective adjustments to specific areas of an image. Select the Adjustment Brush tool from the toolbar or press the K key. Adjust the brush size according to the size of the glare on the glasses.

Step 4: Reduce highlights and increase shadows

With the Adjustment Brush tool selected, reduce the highlights and increase the shadows to minimize the glare. Move the Highlights slider to the left and the Shadows slider to the right. This will help balance the exposure and reduce the intensity of the glare.

Step 5: Adjust clarity and sharpness

To further enhance the appearance of the glasses, you can adjust the clarity and sharpness. Increase the Clarity slider to add more definition to the glasses and make them stand out. You can also increase the Sharpness slider to enhance the details.

Step 6: Use the Spot Removal tool

If there are any specific spots or reflections on the glasses that are causing glare, you can use the Spot Removal tool to remove them. Select the Spot Removal tool from the toolbar or press the Q key. Click on the spots or reflections and Lightroom will automatically clone or heal the area to remove them.

Step 7: Fine-tune the adjustments

After applying the initial adjustments, take a step back and evaluate the result. If necessary, you can further fine-tune the adjustments to achieve the desired outcome. Play around with the sliders and settings until you are satisfied with the removal of the glare.


Removing glare from glasses in Lightroom is a straightforward process that can greatly improve the quality of your photos. By using tools like the Adjustment Brush and Spot Removal, you can effectively minimize or eliminate glare, allowing the glasses to appear clear and free from distractions. Remember to zoom in on the glasses, adjust highlights and shadows, enhance clarity and sharpness, and make any necessary fine-tuning adjustments. With these techniques, you can achieve professional-looking photos that showcase your subjects without the interference of glare.


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