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From Hachita, NM, drive NM Hwy 81 south for approximately 27Ѕ miles to a dirt road between mile markers 18 and 17 with a BLM signed gate. This road crosses private land for the first three miles and the public must remain on the road in this section. Drive east through the gate for approximately 2ј miles, then turn right before a fence and drive south for just under Ѕ mile past another fence. The road then veers southeast for approximately 6 miles (passing unmarked, unmaintained roads) to a dirt road leading south. Drive south for approximately 1ј miles to a T intersection. Turn left or right at the T intersection and the WSA boundary will be to the south of the road for approximately 4ј miles in either direction.





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The Alamo Hueco Mountains WSA is situated in southwestern New Mexico. It is characterized by highly eroded volcanic mountains, mesas, vertical cliffs, and long sinuous canyons that are dominated by juniper and oak brush. There are no maintained trails in this area; however, the desert scenery, archaeological sites, and wildlife diversity make this area unique. Wildlife species include javelina, Montezuma quail, desert bighorn sheep, mountain lions, golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, and prairie falcons.