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The Moose Creek Trail can be access at mile 11.2 on Wickersham Creek Trail or at mile 16 on the Trail Creek Trail. Both Wickersham Creek Trail and Trail Creek Trail begin at the Wickersham Dome Trailhead at mile 27.7 on the Elliott Highway north of Fairbanks, Alaska.





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Moose Creek Trail is maintained in the winter for snowmobiling, skiing, dog mushing, showshoeing and fat-biking. From the Wickersham Creek Trail Shelter at 11.2 mile on Wickersham Creek Trail, the trail goes through spruce forests before crossing Wickersham Creek and continues along Moose Creek drainage. This area can receive considerable drifting of snow making the trail difficult to follow. The trail will climb to the Moose Creek Cabin site at mile 16 on the Trail Creek Trail.