Guadalupe Back Country Byway, Nevada Camping & Hiking

Guadalupe Back Country Byway, Nevada Camping & Hiking

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Navigating the Byway:

The byway begins 12 miles north of Carlsbad at the junction of US-285 and NM-137 near Brantley Dam State Park. To drive the byway, follow NM-137 southwest for 30 miles until you reach Sitting Bull Falls.





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Guadalupe Back Country Byway

The Guadalupe Back Country Byway follows NM-137 for 30 miles through the Chihuahuan Desert, the Guadalupe Escarpment, and Lincoln National Forest. A varied landscape thrives here; from limestone outcroppings to thick pine forest stands to underground caves.

Recreation abounds within these public lands. Go hiking, backpacking, mountain biking or horseback riding along one of many trails. Interact with animals either by watching wildlife or by hunting. Some of the animals that make their homes here include deer, pronghorn antelope, foxes, and a wide range of birds. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go caving and explore the Carlsbad Caverns that lie beneath the surface.

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