Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada Camping & Hiking

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada Camping & Hiking

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip on Charleston Boulevard/State Route 159. It’s approx. 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. If you are using a GPS unit, please type in Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, or 3205 State Highway 159, Las Vegas, NV 89161. Public transportation does not extend to Red Rock Canyon. Tour buses and commercial tours may be available from your hotel.


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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

*****LATE EXIT PERMIT***** The 13-Mile Scenic Drive is a day use area only. Late exit permits are available through The direct link is People can request a pass by clicking the “Buy a Pass” button on the website. Late exit permits are free, but a 50-cent processing fee will be charged. The late exit permit allows you to be in the scenic drive area as long as two hours after the closure of the area. RED ROCK CANYON INFO- This is a beautiful area in which to experience the natural wonders of the Mohave Desert. The red- and cream-colored sandstone cliffs are awesome. Scramble across fossilized sand dunes, explore the recesses between the rocks, climb sheer rock walls, or just enjoy the scenic beauty along the road. Rock climbers dot the cliffs in this world-class climbing area. This area also features a 13-mile paved, scenic loop drive, visitor center, and day-use area. Camping, Picnicking, Horseback Riding, Road Biking, Mt. Biking, Hunting and touring along the 13 mile Scenic Drive are popular activities. Weddings and Professional Filming are also popular. There are two main areas for limited OHV use in the Conservation Area with registered vehicles on designated roads.

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