Dakota Prairie National Grasslands, North Dakota Camping & Hiking

Dakota Prairie National Grasslands, North Dakota Camping & Hiking

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Dakota Prairie National Grasslands

Some tips to help you enjoy your recreation experience…

  • Fireworks are not allowed on the Grasslands.
  • Winter brings snow and extreme temperatures. Be prepared for cold weather even as early as spring, or as late as fall!
  • When camping or picnicking, please keep your site clean, free from trash and food. Otherwise animals and insects are attracted to your site.
  • Bag your trash and take it home with you. Help us keep our grasslands clean by “Packing It Out!”
  • Never leave your campfire unattended. When you leave, put it out, dead out! See Forest Orders for any current fire restrictions
  • Human waste can be a problem when recreating on the grasslands. Please see Leave No Trace – Dispose of Waste Properly for detailed instructions on handling this “delicate” situation.

Sharing the trail with horses

What a Horse Sees! “ a short film illustrating safe ways of passing horse and rider on the trail.

Driving motorized vehicles on the Grasslands

Keep motor vehicles on designated routes and areas.

Off-Highway Vehicle:
  • Driving cross-country (off a road/trail) by motorized, wheeled vehicles without a permit is generally prohibited (except for limited administrative and emergency uses) on the national grasslands for any purpose. Off-road travel is restricted in order to protect grassland resources.
  • Vehicles may ONLY travel on existing roads/trails. The road/trail must be wider than the vehicle.
  • Motorized travel to a campsite is allowed within 300 feet of a road/trail. Off-road travel beyond 300 feet of a road/trail to access a favorite camp sport, hunting spot, deer stand, or for any other purpose is prohibited.
  • Snowmobiles are not included in the off-highway vehicle regulations. Contact your local USFS Ranger Station for specific snowmobiling rules.
  • To ensure your vehicle™s undercarriage and tires aren™t carrying weed seeds, wash your vehicle before and after traveling established roads/trails.
Designated Non-Motorized Areas:
  • Non-motorized restrictions are in effect for areas designated as Non-Motorized Areas on the Dakota Prairie Grasslands that prohibits any motorized use, including snowmobiles (except for limited administrative and emergency use). These areas are posted with signs and are marked on the grasslands maps that are available for purchase at each Ranger Station.

Contact your local USFS Ranger Station for more information

Where do recreation fees go and how are they used?

Recreation fees support the Grasslands ability to continue providing high levels of service to visitors at popular recreation sites.  The Grasslands have made major investments to several sites such as water system upgrades, road improvements, new toilet buildings and accessible picnic tables, fire rings, and pathways.  Reasonable fees paid by users of these sites and services help ensure that the Grasslands can continue maintaining and improving the sites for future generations.  

With your help, we can protect our natural resources for future generations. Thank you!

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