Creative Storage Solutions for Small RVs

Creative Storage Solutions for Small RVs

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1. Maximizing Vertical Space

RVs, though cozy and convenient for travel, often present a challenge when it comes to storage. One of the most effective strategies for small RVs is to maximize vertical space. Utilizing the height of the RV allows owners to keep the floor space clear and the living area uncluttered.

Wall-mounted solutions: Installing shelves, hooks, and magnetic strips can greatly increase storage capacity. For instance, magnetic strips can hold kitchen knives or metal utensils, while hooks can be used for hanging items like coats, towels, or keys.

Overhead compartments: Many RVs come with overhead storage cabinets, but these can be further customized with dividers or organizers to hold more items securely while on the move.

2. Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that serves multiple purposes is a boon for small RVs. Investing in pieces that offer additional storage can significantly reduce clutter.

Convertible furniture: Look for items like a sofa that turns into a bed or a table that folds down from the wall. These pieces can often include storage compartments for bedding or other necessities.

Built-in storage: Ottomans with storage inside, bench seats that lift to reveal compartments, and beds with drawers underneath are all excellent ways to add storage to furniture you need anyway.

3. Collapsible and Foldable Items

Using items that can be collapsed or folded away when not in use is another innovative solution for small RVs.

Collapsible kitchenware: Silicone bowls, cups, and kettles that can be flattened save a tremendous amount of space compared to their rigid counterparts.

Foldable furniture: Chairs and tables that can be folded and stored flat allow for a flexible living space that can be rearranged as needed.

4. Use of Hidden Spaces

Every inch counts in a small RV, and there are often hidden spaces that can be utilized for storage.

Under furniture: The space beneath sofas and beds can be used for storage bins or custom drawers.

Inside cabinet doors: Adding organizers to the insides of cabinet doors can create extra space for small items like spices or cleaning supplies.

5. Organization Accessories

The right accessories can help keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Tension rods: Placed inside cabinets or closets, tension rods can help secure items and create additional hanging storage.

Storage bins and baskets: These can be labeled and stacked, making the most of cabinet space and keeping items sorted.

6. Exterior Storage Solutions

Don’t overlook the exterior of your RV for additional storage opportunities.

Bike racks: Installing a bike rack on the back of the RV frees up space inside and makes transporting bicycles easy.

Cargo carriers: A cargo carrier or storage pod that attaches to the RV’s hitch or roof can hold less frequently used items, such as seasonal clothing or recreational gear.

7. Minimizing Belongings

One of the most straightforward solutions for storage in small RVs is to minimize the number of items you bring along.

Decluttering: Regularly assess what you need and remove items that are not essential or that you haven’t used in a while.

Multipurpose items: Choose items that serve more than one purpose to reduce the overall amount you need to store.

8. Custom Built-Ins

For those willing to invest a bit more, custom built-ins can be a game-changer for storage in small RVs.

Custom cabinetry: Tailored to the exact dimensions and needs of your RV, custom cabinets can make the most efficient use of every available space.

Slide-out systems: These can be installed in various areas of the RV to create additional storage that is easily accessible.

9. Smart Digital Solutions

In today’s digital age, reducing the need for physical storage by using digital solutions can be incredibly effective.

E-books and digital media: Instead of physical books, CDs, and DVDs, opt for digital versions that can be stored on a small electronic device.

Online subscriptions: Services for music, movies, and even mail can reduce the need for physical storage space.


Creative storage solutions for small RVs require a combination of strategy, innovation, and a willingness to adapt. By maximizing vertical space, investing in dual-purpose furniture, and utilizing hidden nooks, RV owners can create a comfortable and organized living environment. Incorporating collapsible items, smart organization accessories, and exterior storage options further expands the possibilities. Ultimately, the key to successful storage in small RVs is to declutter regularly and choose items that serve multiple purposes or can be digitized. With these solutions, life on the road can be both adventurous and orderly.