Juniper Mesa Wilderness, Arizona Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Juniper Mesa Wilderness, Arizona Hiking Trail Information

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Juniper Mesa Wilderness

Established in 1984, the 7,554 acre wilderness is characterized by the flat topped mesa from which its name is derived. Elevations range from 5,600 feet on the southwest side near Juniper Spring to 7,000 feet on the west side near George Wood Canyon and Gobblers Knob. The primary vegetation on the steep southern slopes in pinon pine and Utah juniper, and on the northern slopes, ponderosa pine and alligator juniper.

A great variety of wildlife can be found in the area. Black bear, elk, mule deer, bobcat, and Abert’s squirrel are relatively common. There are no perennial water sources present, and the reliability of springs may be questioned during long periods of dry weather.

The USFS Wilderness Stewardship brochure explains more about designated Wilderness and how you can become involved in helping care for this precious resource. 

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