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Kelly Creek, Idaho Hiking Trail Information

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Kelly Creek

The Kelly Creek area offers many opportunities for hiking, backpacking, camping, fly fishing, and a place to enjoy the quiet solitude beside a mountain stream. The area’s trailhead provides access to Little Moose Ridge Trail #760 which rolls from saddle to peak following a ridgeline 9 miles to connector trails, while Kelly Creek Trail #567 follows Kelly Creek and its tributaries for 22-1/2 miles. It’s an easy grade with scenic meadows with the last 3 miles climbing steeply toward the Bitterroot Divide. Kelly Creek, itself, is one of the best-kept fly fishing secrets in Idaho. Here, wild west-slope cutthroat trout leap to take a fly and then dive for the bottom. It is a remote location and truly a place where you will feel like you have the river all to yourself.


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