Deer Meadow Trailhead, California Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Deer Meadow Trailhead, California Hiking Trail Information

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Deer Meadow Trailhead

NOTE: This area was seriously affected by the 2015 Rough Fire. Due to safety concerns, the Monarch Wilderness will be closed to the public until further notice. This Trail is only open up to the wilderness boundry.

Located towards the end of the Big Meadows Road, the Deer Meadow Trail takes you up into the southern edge of the Monarch Wilderness and offers some excellent views into Kings Canyon. It is part of loop connecting to the Kanawyer Trail in the Boulder Creek area, but some sections of the loop were severely impacted by wildfire and have not been repaired. This is a great isolated area for both short day hikes and easy overnight backpacking trips.

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