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Pikes Peak, Colorado Hiking Trail Information

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Pikes Peak


At the altitude of 14,115 feet, Pikes Peak is the 31st highest peak in Colorado. Pikes Peak Highway will take you to the summit house. Along the way there are several observation sites and picnic areas to enjoy. The 19-mile highway is paved and open year round, weather permitting. There are three picnic sites: Crow Gulch Picnic Area, Glen Cove Picnic Area, and Halfway Picnic Area. There are two observation sites: Bottomless Pit Observation Site and Cascade Observation Site.


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Barr Trail

Devils Playground Trail

Hikers requiring transportation from the summit must ensure they reach the summit before the posted closure to the summit and their transportation is through the uphill gate by the posted gate hours or they will be charged for the Pikes Peak staff overtime. 

If you are hiking and are unsure if you will reach the summit of Pikes Peak before closing, be safe and turn around.   Emergency and After Hour Fees Hikers or Visitors requiring emergency transport from Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain Staff will be required to pay a transportation or after-hour fee. Note: Pikes Peak Staff will only transport as a matter of emergency or safety.

Transport During Normal Operating Hours: $20 per person

After Hours Transport: $100 per person per hour minimum charge if a hiker/tourist requires transport when the Pikes Peak Highway is closed but Pikes Peak Staff is still on site. This is a minimum charge based on circumstances.

After Hours Recovery/Rescue Response: $500 per person will be charged if a hiker/tourist requests rescue/recovery or assistance from Pikes Peak Staff after hours. This is a minimum charge based on circumstances.


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