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Indian Creek Trailhead, Colorado Hiking Trail Information

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Indian Creek Trailhead

The Indian Creek Trailhead is near the gate to the right of the parking area and accesses the Indian Creek Trail (#800), and Ringtail Trail (#699). After the trailhead the trail splits, both directions and will complete the loop. Taking the left fork, the trail goes uphill and contains the majority of the difficult sections. At approximately 1.75 miles, the trail crosses a social/unofficial trail, stay to the left and continue for a mile past a second social trail crossing. The main trail will take a sharp right at this point and heads north. At approximately half a mile, the trail will come to another junction, take the left fork to continue the loop. At approximately 1.5 miles up the trail, it will begin to descend in a north/northwesterly direction for another 1.5 miles. At the next junction, the trail goes straight ahead into Roxborough State Park or to the right to continue to loop. (Roxborough State Park does not allow bicycles within its boundaries except on this section.) Taking the right fork, the trail continues uphill for about 1.5 miles and then begins to descend back to the trailhead. The trail will cross two more junctions, at the first function take the left fork, and at the second take a right.

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