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New River, Florida Hiking Trail Information

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New River

The New River is one of the most primitive, remote canoeing opportunities in North Florida. There is no canoe trail through the Mud Swamp/New River Wilderness, since the river loses its identity in the swamp and divides into multiple, twisting channels. It is possible to put in below the Mud Swamp/New River Wilderness at the southern boundary of the forest and canoe down through Tates Hell State Forest to Carrabelle. There are concrete boat ramps and picnic and camping areas in the state forest.

The water level in New River fluctuates considerably and, while stream gauge readings are not available, visual inspection should provide a reasonable clue of what to expect. Interested adventurers might also want to call the ranger district office in Bristol, Florida, before making the trip. Drought conditions in the region create almost impassible conditions on the New River. You can put in where New River crosses Forest Highway 13 or along Forest Road 182.

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