Neota Wilderness: Arapaho & Roosevelt, Colorado Hiking Trail Information



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Rec Area Info & Images | Neota Wilderness: Arapaho & Roosevelt

Designated in 1980, Neota Wilderness now spans a total of 9,924 acres. Bordering Rocky Mountain National Park to the south and surrounded by other Wildernesses, Neota Wilderness is within a large region of mostly roadless country. Elevation ranges from 10,000 to 11,896 feet and includes the flattened ridges of granite atypical of the steep-sided Rockies. 

Just southwest of the Wilderness boundary, the 12,265’ Iron Mountain overlooks three main drainages within the area: Trap, Corral, and Neota Creeks. Along the valleys of these streams, willows and sedges grow abundantly. You'll find spruce and fir on the lower slopes, home to deer and elk.  

There are only 1.5 miles of a single, primitively maintained trail in this Wilderness, so this area is for the adventurous recreator. Please plan carefully.

Always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep this area wild, clean, and pristine.

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