Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead, Idaho Hiking Trail Information


From Boise, Idaho, travel north on State Highway 55 approximately 80 miles to Cascade, Idaho.

From Cascade, Idaho, travel north on State Highway 55 only a short distance to the turnoff at the Warm Lake Road (Forest Highway 22).

Proceed along Forest Highway 22 northeast approximately 25 miles. When you arrive in the Warm Lake area, Forest Highway 22 becomes Forest Service (FS) road 579.

Continue east along FS road 579 until it intersects with the FS road 413, approximately 10 miles.

Turn north on FS road 413 and proceed approximately 20 miles to Ice Hole Campground.

Continue north past the Campground. 

When arriving at Johnson Creek Airstrip, turn right.  The 097 Trail takes off from the road and the Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead is approximately 1 ½ miles down the 097 Trail in Hennessey Meadow.



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Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead

The Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead is a signed site with a hitching rack. Serves the Riordan Lake (#097) and Horse Heaven Meadow (#233) trails.