Watkins Creek Trailhead, Montana Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Watkins Creek Trailhead, Montana Hiking Trail Information

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Watkins Creek Trailhead

Watkins Creek Trailhead starts off with Trail #215, it is a trailhead that connects to three trail opportunites including: 

  • Trail #215 to #209 – Coffin Lake – A rountrip 10 mile out and back hike – Coffin Lake gains 1800 feet elevation beginning in an open meadow and gain elevation to the alpine lake. 
  • Trail #215 continues on and connects to the Continental Divide Trail
  • A third choice is #215 to trail #209 which then connects to trail #216, West Fork of Watkins Creek leading to Sheep Lake.  Sheep Lake can also be accessed through Trail #218 off Hwy 87.

Refer to Forest Map and Motor Vehicle Use Map for foot and bicycle use in the area. 

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