Little Spearfish Trailhead (Trail #80), South Dakota Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Little Spearfish Trailhead (Trail #80), South Dakota Hiking Trail Information

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Little Spearfish Trailhead (Trail #80)

The Little Spearfish Trail is a 6 mile loop that meanders through stands of ponderosa pine, quaking aspen, and paper birch.

Spearfish Creek offers a year round home to the American Dipper. Dippers are small songbirds uniquely adapted to feeding underwater. The common name "dipper" comes from this bird's habit of bending its legs so its entire body moves up and down in a dipping motion  Dippers can dive and propel themselves under the water with swimming motions of their wings.  In shallow water, they walk along the bottom of streams by grasping stones with their elongated toes.  Dippers feed almost exclusively under water on larval forms of aquatic insects including caddisfly, mayfly and stonefly nymphs.

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