Mount Belford (Fourteener), Colorado Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Mount Belford (Fourteener), Colorado Hiking Trail Information

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Mount Belford (Fourteener)

Rising from the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness at 14,197 feet, Mount Belford is the 19th highest peak in Colorado. Named for the ‘Red-Headed Rooster of the Rockies’, James B. Belford, Mount Belford is a favorite amongst hikers not only for it’s beauty, but also for it’s close proximity to two other Fourteeners, Mount Oxford and Mount Missouri.

The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness was established in 1980 to preserve its quality, character, and integrity.  It is intended as a place where the imprint of humans is substantially unnoticed; where natural processes are the primary influences and human activity is limited to primitive recreation and minimum tools. This will allows us, and future generations, to experience the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in its natural condition.

Missouri Gulch Route: 8 miles, 4,600 feet gain:

From Leadville, travel south on US 24 to Clear Creek Reservoir, then travel west on Chaffee County Road 390.  At eight miles, look for the Missouri Gulch Trailhead sign on the south side of the road and park here. From the trailhead, follow the Missouri Gulch Trail for two miles.  Then follow the trail for Mount Belford to the summit.

Please refer to the Mount Belford and Oxford Information sheet for more information.

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