Ruedi Marina Boat Ramp, Colorado Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Ruedi Marina Boat Ramp, Colorado Hiking Trail Information

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From Basalt, take Fryingpan River Road east 15 miles.



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Ruedi Marina Boat Ramp

Ruedi Marina Boat Ramp is a put-in for boats into Ruedi Reservoir. The Forest Service is concerned by the serious threat posed to our aquatic habitats by two non-native and invasive aquatic mussels ”the Zebra mussel and the Quagga mussel. The boating season brings with it mandatory state-certified boat inspections to help prevent the spread of zebra and quagga mussels in Colorado reservoirs.

‹Preventing the spread of aquatic nuisance species starts with you “ the vessel owner. Boats and boat trailers can easily transport aquatic hitchhikers in many different ways. If you dont clean your vessel, you may introduce aquatic nuisance species to other waters.

For more information on boat inspections, please click here.

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