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The trailhead for Phil’s World is located 3 miles East of Cortez, on the north side of Highway 160. It is located on State Land and accessed by Road 30.1 across from the Montezuma County Fairgrounds. Motorized trail users can start here, though they more commonly access the trails by continuing past the main trailhead, turning north on the first side road and either parking there, or continuing Ñ• of a mile to an OHV open play area.



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Mountain Bike Project map for Phil’s World Trail System

The Phil’s World Trail system is part of the Cortez Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) with an emphasis on non-motorized trail opportunities. There are 15 miles of designated non-motorized trails on BLM (27 miles including adjacent State Lands under lease by Southwest Colorado Cycling Assn) and 13 miles of designated OHV trails on BLM. The Phil’s World area is relatively flat, comprised of rolling mesa tops bisected by small but scenic canyons. The non-motorized trails are best described as ‘flow trails’ with low to moderate technicality. The trails are used intensively by mountain bikers, but open to other non-motorized users as well. Mountain bike use is limited to clockwise travel to reduce social congestion. The motorized trails are relatively flat and easy to navigate as well. For more information, please contact the Tres Rios Field Office.

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