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Greys River Corridor, Wyoming Hiking Trail Information

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Greys River Corridor

The Greys River Corridor encompasses the area surrounding the Greys River itself and the Greys River Road, and offers numerous opportunities for fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking, OHV riding and horseback riding.  The Greys River Road is one of the most popular forest roads on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, running for almost 60 miles from Alpine south to Tri Basin Divide.  The Greys River Corridor provides access to several trails in the Wyoming and Salt River Ranges.  All campgrounds in the Greys River Corridor have a 16 day stay limit, and those with water and toilets are $10 per night (those without services are free of charge).  No reservations are accepted for any of the campgrounds.  The main season of use is between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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