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Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway

The Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway traverses one hundred and sixty two miles through what National Geographic refers to as one of the finest drives in the Rockies.   The Byway spans two National Forests, a National Park, US Fish and Wildlife lands, Bureau of Land Management lands, three Wyoming counties, as well as historic, recreation and scenic areas.  It includes several major visitor centers, numerous visitor contact locations, traces four river corridors and provides access to numerous Wilderness trailheads.  The Byway connects the communities of Dubois, Jackson, and Pinedale, each town having unique museums, galleries, events, and activities which add to the adventures and experiences of both visitors and residents.  Many visitors drive portions of the Byway on their way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. 

The Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway constitutes 163 miles of U.S. Highway 26/287 and U.S. Highway 26/89/191 between Pinedale and Dubois, Wyoming.

Audio Podcasts

There are several audio podcasts available for visitors to learn more about the historical, cultural, and natural features of why the Centennial Scenic Byway was established.  Click here to listen to these podcasts.


Interpretive Signs Along the Byway

As you drive the Byway you will come across multiple turnouts, viewing areas, and visitor centers that offer interpretation of the landscape, history and culture of the Byway.  Below we’ve posted just a few of the beautiful signs that have been installed along the Byway to help peak your interest.

Finding the True West in Dubois

Dubois Native American History and Culture

Ancient Trails – Map of the Byway from Jackson

Jackson Hole Area Things to See and Do

Pinedale Area Information


For More Information

More detailed information about the Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway is available through the America’s Byways website.