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Beecher Loop, Colorado Hiking Trail Information

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From Eagle, head southeast on Brush Creek Rd. for 5 miles to the turnoff for Hardscrabble Rd., FDR 413, and turn right.Travel on FDR 413 for 6.2 miles until you reach Wolverton Spring, here you can park.



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Beecher Loop

From Wolverton Spring ride southwest on Hardscrabble Rd. for 2.5 miles until you get to the junction of FDR 413 and FDR 451, turn left staying on FDR 413.Travel .6 miles to the switchback and turn right, travel for 6.3 miles to FDR 441, Beecher Rd., and turn left.Travel .3 miles to the first gate, pass around the gate and follow the main trail for 3.8 miles to a second gate, which you will by-pass and stay on the hard-packed road for 2.3 miles back to Hardscrabble Rd.A short distance after passing through the first gate, the predominantly downhill route becomes rough and cobbley, especially during the first couple of miles. Upon passing the second gate the road consists of a smooth downhill ride with only two climbs.Once back to Hardscrabble Rd., veer right, and head .6 miles back to the Y and then turn right for the last 2.5 miles back to Wolverton Spring.An abundance of wildlife, beautiful views and wildflowers make this loop enjoyable.Aspen groves and lodge pole pine provide plenty of shade either on the path or a short distance from the road.

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