Huron National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan Camping & Hiking

Huron National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan Camping & Hiking

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Access to the island is by private boat.





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Huron National Wildlife Refuge

The beacon of Lighthouse Island gleams into the Northern Michigan night from its lonely vantage point three miles off the south shore of Lake Superior. Lighthouse Island, or West Huron, is the second largest of eight islands comprising the Huron Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Despite their small size, totalling only 147 acres, the remoteness and primitive quality of these islands have earned them the designation of a Wilderness Area. The refuge was established for the protection of migratory birds, specifically, a large nesting colony of herring gulls. It is managed by staff at Seney National Wildlife Refuge, in Seney, Michigan. Only West Huron Island (Lighthouse Island) is open to the public, during daylight hours, for hiking and nature study. All remaining islands are closed to the public. Exceptions are emergency landings by boats in distress.

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