Idaho Centennial Road/Trail, Idaho Camping & Hiking

Idaho Centennial Road/Trail, Idaho Camping & Hiking

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Northern section by Bruneau Canyon Overlook: Take Hwy-51 south to the town of Bruneau, turning left/east on Hot Springs Road (unmarked) at the One Stop Cafй. Reset trip odometer here. 00.0 mi: Hot Springs Road at Hwy-51 15.6 mi: Turn right/southwest at Canyon Overlook sign 18.7 mi: Overlook parking lot Southern section by Murphy Hot Springs: Travel to Murphy Hot Springs via the Bruneau-Three Creek Road or the Jarbidge Road. The Jarbidge Road, also called Three Creek Highway, has an asphalt surface and originates from U.S. 93 at Rogerson, Idaho. From Rogerson it is 47 miles to the top of the Murphy Hot springs Grade where a large kiosk is located. The Idaho Centennial trail crosses the road a tenth of a mile to the north of this kiosk.





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The 900-mile Idaho Centennial Trail weaves through the most scenic portions of Idaho™s wild country, from high desert canyonlands in southern Idaho to wet mountain forests in North Idaho. Visitors will cross many mountains, streams and rivers in between. It was designated as the official state trail during Idaho™s Centennial year in 1990. Since that time, only a few people have actually completed the Idaho Centennial Trail, revealing the challenge and time-commitment involved. This area is comprised of mainly two track-roads and is enjoyed by a variety of recreationists. Two-wheel drive vehicles are sufficient to reach the Bruneau Canyon Overlook and the top of the Murphy Hot Springs Grade. However, if you are traveling from Murphy to Bruneau Canyon Overlook, a four-wheel-drive vehicle with clearance is recommended.

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